Saturday, August 13, 2022

Law roundup: Waiting for the price of gas to go down?

by Daily Inter Lake
| July 20, 2022 12:00 AM

A gas station attendant in the Kalispell area phoned the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after giving up on trying to get a vehicle to leave. He told dispatchers that the woman driving the vehicle had been there overnight and asked by several employees to leave. So far she had refused.

A musical interlude from the railroad tracks near Columbia Falls left one resident concerned. They phoned the Sheriff’s Office after attempts to strike up a conversation with the vocalist went unanswered. They asked that deputies check on the man.

Someone came across a pony on the side of the road near Kalispell. The horse looked as though it was preparing to walk into the road, they said, while noting it was tied to a post and had a halter and lead rope on it.

A barking dog got on a Bigfork resident’s last nerve. He told dispatchers that a neighbor’s dog had been sounding off for several hours. He said the canine had disturbed his peace and quiet for years now and asked to speak with deputies about it.

A resident just home from the hospital in Lakeside had a similar complaint. She said a dog in the neighborhood had been barking since 10 p.m.

People waiting on the delivery of a truck were concerned after the drop off was delayed.

Roofers kept pestering a Kalispell area man, asking to enter his home and inspect his house. The homeowner had turned down the roofers twice, but said they kept coming back.

A man reportedly threw a dog into the front seat of his older pickup truck in Lakeside and began punching it.

A caller told dispatchers they saw a man walking down Three Mile Drive jumping in and out of traffic.

Someone opened two new lines with a major telecommunications company under a local man’s name and ordered two new phones as well.

A friend of a friend reported juveniles drinking on an area beach. They were concerned that the tippling teenagers planned to get behind the wheel. The circuitous route of the report owed to the fact that the eye witness was uncomfortable phoning authorities while being so close to the beach party.

A Columbia Falls man expressed concerns about an area rodeo, specifically that parking for the event was blocking traffic and the large presence of drunk people meandering about.

Someone reported teenagers doing burnouts in the Kalispell area.

A man walked into the bathroom of a Kalispell area store with several bags and a backpack and now refused to leave.

A Bigfork homeowner told dispatchers that they had a sensor set up to alert them when their mailbox is opened. It had gone off and when she went out to check on it saw that the door was open as well as the door to her neighbor’s mailbox. She asked for an extra patrol through the neighborhood.

A Kalispell area man said that the same car parks nearby every night and shines its beams on his house.

A man accused of trying to shoplift natural organic soda appeared to be under the influence of hallucinogenics, a store employee told dispatchers.

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