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Law roundup: Wherefore art thou Romeo?

| July 22, 2022 12:00 AM

A Kalispell area father contacted the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after catching two teenage girls tapping on his son’s window. He said his son knew the girls and they had snuck out the night prior. The father told dispatchers that he was hoping to secure a police report so that he could get his son put on either probation or parole.

Someone spotted a cow walking alone down the North Fork Road.

Deputies responded to a report of a discharged firearm on the third floor of a Kalispell area building. The bullet traveled through at least one floor. No one was injured.

A woman told authorities that she was following her ex-boyfriend in a car after he stole her credit card. She said he originally had her permission to use it, but had refused to return it. He was now brake-checking her on the highway. Dispatchers recommended she stop following her ex, at which point she accused law enforcement of never doing anything and hung up.

Someone had parked a “junky” RV and truck in the county and been camping there for more than a week. A caller, upset because “it looks trashy,” wanted to know whether that was legal.

An irate customer, apparently passing himself off as an authority figure, hassled the staff of a Kalispell area business. The individual who contacted deputies said he told the man he planned to press charges for harassment. The customer later called from a blocked number and screamed at him.

Someone spotted a column of smoke near Kalispell.

A customer reported getting chewed out when she asked a store’s employees to put her in touch with the manager after she found a mistake in her order. The two young workers yelled at her, she told dispatchers. When she finally got hold of the store’s owner, he just sent her a harassing text message, she said.

A caller wanted someone to do something about trash scattered around an area boat launch. Calls to fish and game authorities had gone unanswered, so the individual turned to the Sheriff’s Office. They were concerned the litter would end up in the lake.

A Kalispell area resident reported an uptick in traffic on her private easement. She suspected it was drug-related activity. She told dispatchers people were driving and walking up and down her easement and yelling at each other all through the night.

A man near Columbia Falls approached a group of hikers looking for jumper cables. Something about the man seemed off and he began “making people uncomfortable.” When one of the hikers offered to contact the authorities, he began yelling.

An individual hanging out around a mailbox aroused the suspicions of a Kalispell area resident, who contacted authorities worried the person might be “scouting” her property.

Deputies received a report of an individual stuck inside a cooler. The person reporting the entrapment said they could hear someone inside saying “they are stuck in the cooler.” The caller suspected it was an employee. Responding deputies reported checking around the building and not seeing or hearing anything.

A Columbia Falls resident lent her gun to her buddy. She accused his girlfriend of stealing the firearm.

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