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Letters to the editor July 28

| July 28, 2022 12:00 AM

A letter to Zinke

We question the exploitation of the development of an amusement park and alpine coaster, 0.75 miles north of Lakeside. We oppose this thoughtless development and visual blight.

On July 23, residents of Lakeside gathered at Volunteer Park to advocate awareness for safety on U.S. 93. We are concerned the amusement park is located on one of the most dangerous sections of the westshore highway.

I encourage you to drive by and ask will this impede traffic? Can northbound traffic safely turn left into the park? Is there a potential for more accidents on U.S. 92? Will emergency services be able to answer a call in a timely manner on this congested highway? How will emergency services answer a call in stopped traffic?

The property, 6808 U.S. 93 South, hosts a large Zinke campaign sign. I question is there an association between you and the property owners or is it coincidence?

At the protest, we had a passer-by stop and talk with us — Monica Tranel. She is running for Congress and stated she will represent the voice and people of Montana. As a conservative, I am impressed.

“Monica is running for Congress because the Montana she grew up in is slipping away. Montana shouldn’t be used as a playground for the rich while folks in the middle can’t get ahead no matter how hard they work.”

Mr. Zinke, are you aware of the amusement park and alpine coaster?

Because of the billboard, do you support out of country companies developing our great state and in particular, the northwest corner of Montana?

How you will defend the small-town voice of the people of Montana?

Are you aware of the traffic safety issues on U.S. 93 from Lakeside to Somers?

Of the two of you, who best represents me?

— Cynthia Heath, Lakeside

Left-wing hysteria and wokeness

How long are folks in this country going to submit to this absolute nonesense? I refer to the ridiculous issue of pronouns; who wishes to be called what.

Whatever your identity issues or preferences are really should not be a concern for the rest of us. You do you. Those of us who refuse to knuckle under to this folly will do us, OK?

I would like to be called (A.) your majesty (B.) your royal highness or (C.) queen, as I enjoy studying the royal families of Europe. The chances of anyone addressing me in that way are absolutely nil.

We have grossly lost our way in this country when we allow ourselves to get bound up in the insanity of who wants to be called what today. Tomorrow, something else no doubt. This is nuts and we know it.

In the interest of being kind and accommodating we have wandered into the quick sand of left-wing hysteria and wokeness and lost our collective vertebral column, resulting in the ability to just say no.

When a 3-year-old flings themselves on the floor kicking and screaming, legs and arms akimbo because they want what they want when they want it, you have two choices. Give in (assuring more repeat performances) or address the issue at hand in a way that telegraphs to the child that inappropriate theatrics will not end in the result they desire.

As this country has slid farther into the woke slop I have to wonder, when will people have had enough? The far left hasn’t even gotten started yet. There will be more to come and we all better stand up and say no to the insanity, every time it rears it’s ugly head.

— Jill Williams, Kalispell

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