Thursday, June 30, 2022

Man says he’s digging for diamonds

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 6, 2022 12:00 AM

Someone reportedly approached a “nicely dressed man with a nice car,” who was digging in a ditch and picking up gravel, that he was parked on a private easement in Whitefish. The oddball responded that he was collecting diamonds and said there was gold there too before driving away.

A three-wheeler and a riding lawnmower were allegedly racing up and down a neighborhood. At one point, the three-wheeler sped into a field, creating a lot of dust. A resident called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office out of concern for the safety of the neighborhood and didn’t think the ATV was legal.

A few rapscallions, possibly around 14, were reportedly skateboarding around a man’s vehicle in Kalispell and were threatening violence toward him and lunging at him, wanting to know where he lived.

A West Glacier resident was very upset with a neighbor who reportedly had cattle free-ranging on private property and believed the neighbor was going to go onto his property to herd the cattle back. The resident complained the neighbors planned to run cows across his property and said it was illegal and “he was not going to let it happen today.”

A Lakeside manager told deputies he had to ask a scrawny man who tried to make him fight him in the parking lot to leave multiple times. When the man left, the manager was still worried about his own safety.

A young teen was reportedly sitting on the edge of the road, on the white line, east of a Columbia Falls tourist spot and almost got hit, according to someone who called deputies to check on his welfare. Deputies received a second call about the teen who was seen walking in the middle of the road between the tourist spot and Hungry Horse.

Someone calling from Whitefish reported seeing 50 tagged cows near the water plant and about 25 of them were on a job site. The owners were located.

A Kalispell woman complained about hearing dogs in a trailer and said she was unsure about how long they had been there and that the door had a padlock on it, however, when a dispatcher asked her for more information she reportedly said she didn’t want to be involved and hung up.

A second call came in about the dogs from a passerby who said the canines were barking and “going crazy.”

A Kalispell parent reportedly came home to find his house and his daughter’s car egged. He said there were eggshells all over the driveway and the roof. He said it was the second time this had happened.

People were allegedly climbing over fencing that was ripped down on Rails to Trails behind someone’s house in Kalispell.

A man’s ex allegedly broke into his car and stole his mail.

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