Thursday, June 30, 2022

Law roundup: Trio skates by with stolen couch

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 7, 2022 12:00 AM

Two males and a female were purportedly seen transporting a stolen couch via skateboard in Kalispell.

A Kila woman allegedly called her ex, who lived out of the state, and told him she was packing up his property and taking it to the dump. The ex called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office with concern.

A woman arrived home from work in Columbia Falls and was grabbing groceries from her car when someone came up behind her in the darkness and threw her to the ground while yelling.

A Coram resident complained about neighbors “overrunning his property lines” in Coram, elaborating that they were not respecting the boundaries of his property.

A Whitefish woman believed someone broke into her apartment and possibly had a key because “weird subtle things” occurred in the winter such as items being moved around and fingerprints left on a mirror. She purportedly came to the conclusion that it might be a neighbor because she overheard them talking about her and they “knew things they shouldn’t.”

A man allegedly walked into a closed shop and decided to make himself at home when he took off his shoes and started wandering outside. The shop owner asked him to leave, but he wouldn’t and walked back to the shop, so they locked the door and called deputies.

A drunk person was reportedly screaming profanities on someone’s porch in Whitefish and trying to break down the door. The resident said they didn’t know the person, who was wearing a baseball hat, torn shirt and jeans.

Someone allegedly tried to steal beer, which was recovered. In the process of fleeing the scene, the unsuccessful beer bandit left behind their mail and keys.

A barn cat was reportedly stuck 40 feet up in a tree for two days in Whitefish.

A woman out walking with her husband in Whitefish allegedly happened upon a man trying to smash some sort of crushing machine with a hammer.

A black bear and two cubs were seen wandering around Bigfork. They weren’t bothering anyone or trying to get into anything, but someone wanted deputies to know about their presence.

A man allegedly kept entering a code for the women’s restroom at a Kalispell campsite and would go in and yell at someone.

Someone took a photo of a vehicle and license plate after reportedly seeing the occupants going through mailboxes in Kalispell.

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