Thursday, June 30, 2022

Law roundup: Disturbance report far from a slam dunk

by Daily Inter Lake
| June 17, 2022 12:00 AM

An apparent one-on-one basketball game in Columbia Falls nearly drew a foul from local law enforcement after a resident reported two kids throwing things at a home.

Pressed for more details, the caller said the ruckus was emanating from a nearby duplex. She offered to find someone closer to the scene to phone in with details. Eventually, she acknowledged not seeing the aforementioned offense and did not know what, if anything, the kids were throwing. Officers noted that the kids were playing basketball and making a fair amount of noise.

A homeowner asked to speak with officers regarding a home she bought with her son years ago. The son is now trying to sell the house, but she has not signed off on a sale. This angered her son, who told another relative via text that he was “coming for her” amid rants posted to Facebook.

Police offered what help they could but said that there was not enough evidence for a threat complaint. They recommended she call back if the situation escalates.

A property owner wanted an RV removed. They believed that a homeless woman was living in the illegally-parked vehicle and asked for officers to come to the scene. Authorities reminded the property owner that they had gone by the RV already and spent time banging on the door looking for a response. At this point, they believed the RV was abandoned.

Officers recommended the property owner have the vehicle towed and recommended they contact the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office if anyone emerges from the RV or comes forward to claim it.

Thumping from upstairs caused concern for the downstairs neighbor who asked for a welfare check. The woman upstairs later told officers that she had fallen in the shower, but was fine.

A caller accidentally dialed dispatch while trying to place a call in Canada.

The victim of a possible recent vehicle break-in told dispatchers that they thought their iPhone might have been taken in the ransacking. The phone’s owner said that a neighbor related how thieves had struck his vehicle the week prior. Some of those items were recovered by the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. She wanted to know if her phone was among the stolen goods recouped by local investigators. Dispatchers referred her to the Sheriff’s Office.

A mother alerted authorities to finding Suboxone, a drug used to treat addiction, in her teenage daughter’s bedroom. Officers agreed to dispose of the drug if she brought it to the station.

A woman involved in a vehicle collision allegedly tried to run over the other motorist’s husband in an attempt to flee the scene.

A person out job hunting came across an open position, but told police that the more she learned about it, the more it sounded like a scam. By the time her suspicion was aroused, she already had turned in an application and her driver’s license information.

Officers came across a man passed out on the grass alongside the road. He had suffered from bumps and abrasions and appeared to be heavily intoxicated. The man, who did not give officers his full name, said he was walking home.

Police came across two minors in an alleyway past their bedtime. The officers reminded the pair of the curfew and sent them home.

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