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Planning board supports Tronstad Road development

Daily Inter Lake | March 13, 2022 12:00 AM

The Kalispell Planning Board gave its support Tuesday for the Quail Meadows subdivision, a 10-acre property located at 155 Tronstad Road.

The board unanimously recommended a zoning map amendment and preliminary plat approval for the project, in spite of opposition from neighbors.

Six public commenters spoke against the development at the meeting. Density, traffic and light pollution were the top concerns cited. One person also raised concerns about the lot sizes and the affordability of the residences in the development.

“If we don’t get something stopped in the future, pretty soon that whole rural area out there is going to start looking like a city, and I don’t think anybody who lives in Montana wants to see that,” said nearby resident Jeff Muller.

Despite these comments, Planning Board President Chad Graham said he didn’t feel the proposal represented an especially dense neighborhood design.

Applicant Quail Meadows, LLC. is proposing 39 single-family lots. The developer is also requesting a zone change, from R-2 (Residential) to R-3 (Residential).

The current zoning has minimum lot sizes of 10,000 square feet and minimum lot width of 70 feet, with setbacks of 20 feet in the front, 10 feet on the side, 20 feet in the rear, and 20 on the side corner, as well as a maximum 35% lot coverage.

The proposed zoning has minimum lot sizes of 6,000 square feet and minimum lot width of 50 feet, with setbacks of 15 feet in the front, five feet on the side, 10 feet in the rear, and 15 on the side corner, as well as a maximum 45% lot coverage.

“Growth and change is everywhere in Kalispell,” Graham said in response to concerns about density. “It affects everybody in Kalispell.”

In regards to light pollution, Planning Director Jarod Nygren explained the city’s Dark Sky ordinance. The policy allows for lights to be installed within city limits, but it requires lights to shine downward, he explained.

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