Saturday, May 21, 2022

Letters to the editor May 5

| May 5, 2022 12:00 AM

Dear Flathead Valley

Do you think we now have enough storage units in the valley yet? Asking for a friend.

— Jonathan Sims, Lakeside

Disinformation Governance

The Department of Homeland Security has announced the formation of a “Disinformation Governance Board.”

If you find yourself thinking this is a good idea, I suggest you reread Orwell’s “1984.” The administration may not be calling it the Ministry of Truth, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is undeniably a duck.

This particular duck is a blatant assault on the most fundamental right of Americans, the right to think and speak freely without worrying if the largest law enforcement agency (i.e. men with guns) in the country will come calling to enforce their version of the truth.

— Andrew Fisher, Missoula

The time is now

The recent articles in the Inter Lake have brought the burgeoning fire season to our immediate attention. New Mexico, Washington, and Colorado are experiencing “dangerously early” fires with already devastating results in many areas.

Montana, sadly, appears not far from that path in the coming months. Thank goodness for our Sen. Jon Tester, who has worked so hard to secure a big chunk ($19.3 million) in fire abatement infrastructure funds for our friends near 7,200 acres in Lincoln County, with more to come by the end of 2022. The bipartisan Initial Landscape Investment projects from the Forest Service are sorely needed for the beauty and safety of all.

The time to act on climate change is now. Please lend your voices, emails, and phone calls to Senators Testor and Daines to support carbon fee and dividend legislation in Congress now. It is effective, it is good for the people, it is good for the economy, and it has bipartisan support.

Truly good things have come out of the fossil fuels industries but those good things came with a huge price that we are paying now with air pollution, droughts, fires, flooding, and rising sea levels. We cannot afford to go forward in the same direction and expect different results. The time is now to retrain fossil fuel workers for good paying jobs in solar and wind energy projects. The time is now to support carbon neutralization and fee/dividend legislation.

None of these are fast, easy, or without pain to some faction but the time is now to support the all of the above to save our beautiful Last Best Place.

— Jill Mueth, Bigfork

Stands by Parce

For the entirety of his career as a police officer here in Kalispell, I have worked beside Jason Parce. For over a decade and a half, I personally witnessed Jason perform exemplary feats while caring for and protecting this community.

In my professional assessment, having spent 22 years in the emergency services (19 here in Kalispell), Jason is a stand out professional exercising the most capable measures of integrity, empathy, self sacrifice, and genuine service. I have no hesitation to stand up for this man, where some in this community now abruptly defame and slander due to a looming election.

I do not question Jason’s character whatsoever, and can say with confidence, nothing of merit will come of any “investigation” into his recent status. What does cause me to be skeptical is the timing of these events and accusations against the backdrop of Parce seeking a new career path into participating in the governance of this community as a county commissioner.

Although I do not question the motives or ethics of Parce, I can tell you I do question his detractors. These agents of local politics and the patterns of their actions, past and present, are enough for me to see through their recent pomp and noise to tear down a good man.

It was an honor to serve beside Jason Parce in all manners of emergency scenes. His composure, intellect and calm in the face of chaos strengthened the Flathead Community.

I will leave you, reader, with a singular question as you cast your vote: why are local government agencies and former politicians so afraid of Jason Parce?

— Josh Pipolo, Kalispell

Brockman will represent Evergreen

Tony Brockman’s demonstrated commitment to our community makes him the best person to represent Evergreen and north Kalispell in the Montana House of Representatives. I encourage my friends and neighbors in House District 9 to join me in voting for Brockman for House District 9 this June primary.

I’ve worked with and known Tony for over a decade. I can tell you he’s a man of character, commitment, and intelligence. Born and raised in Evergreen, Tony has the work ethic Evergreen and north Kalispell residents expect.

Commitment to community is more than just words for Tony. A Trustee for the Evergreen Fire District, a member of Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino’s Citizens’ Advisory Board, and a part of the partnership responsible for completing Kalispell’s Glacier Rail Park and Parkline trail, Tony has the demonstrated commitment and experience needed in a legislator.

Focused on improving community safety, Tony stands with our First Responders and Law Enforcement. Widening Reserve Drive, improving bridges, expanding wastewater treatment facilities, and increasing broadband internet are infrastructure projects Tony will work to strengthen as he knows those investments create jobs and economic opportunities.

As House District 9’s Representative, Tony will always represent his district first. Please join me in voting for Brockman for House District 9 in the June primary.

— Doug Bolender, Kalispell