Saturday, May 21, 2022

Law roundup: Make way for ducklings

| May 6, 2022 12:00 AM

The Kalispell Police Department received word of a group of ducks headed down the road. The person who spotted the waterfowl described them as a mama duck and 10 ducklings. They worried that the birds would get hit by a car.

A man showed up at the police deparment ready to turn himself in to authorities. His crime? He went to the library to lie down, which is something he needs to do for his foot.

Unfortunately, the staff there told him that laying down was against the rules. So he headed to the lobby of the police department to face the music.

An unsupervised child running around the neighborhood caused some consternation. A caller told police officers the boy was about 6 years old and seemed confused. He kept running from their front yard to the property of a nearby business.

The manager of a local business wanted two vehicles removed. The pair had been sitting in the same spots for more than six months.

Unwelcome emails provoked someone’s ire. A man told officers that another individual was repeatedly emailing his wife. He wanted to make a complaint regarding the unwanted messages.

Someone worried about a motorcycle left on the side of the road. They feared it might get stolen.

A business employee found out that someone placed an order with a stolen credit card.

Another worker asked for police help with a gray truck with a slide-in camper that kept parking on the property. The individual behind the wheel was not a customer, he said, and seemed twitchy.

A woman called after locking herself out of her car. Dispatchers confirmed she had a way to run a Google search for an unlocking service.

A man running barefoot on city streets earned a phone call to police. The caller worried that the man, who was apparently running in and out of traffic, might get hit by a car.

A woman was accused of threatening U.S. Postal Service employees.

Someone called authorities after seeing a person drink a pitcher of beer and then get behind the wheel of a car.

A caller reported a car battery left in the neighborhood. Dispatchers asked whether it was blocking traffic (no), placed in the street (also no) or leaking (no again). The caller said they were upset that it was left in a neighborhood full of kids.

Someone reported spotting a small child, about 8 years old, in a parked car for more than 20 minutes.

The gift of a smoker/grill fell flat. A homeowner reported that their father dropped the item off in the garage after they had left the house. The caller did not want the grill and wanted the parent removed from the property.

A store employee asked for officers to remove a man setting up a campsite in the rear of his employer’s property.

A worried father talked to police officers about his son, who he said was losing his temper and creating a scene.

A motorist reported getting sideswiped by another vehicle. The other driver also yelled at her.

Security personnel called in a suspicious looking man wandering around. The man later left.

Police officers came across a wide open trailer full of tools. The officers left a note and a number to call.

Someone found an injured cat in the fast lane. The animal was bleeding and in distress. The person who found the feline agreed to keep it until animal control arrived to pick it up.

Caught urinating in an alleyway, a man became aggressive with a city employee. The public worker told police officers that peeing in the alley was becoming more and more common.

Two men were caught apparently siphoning gas from a recreational vehicle.