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Law roundup: Wild, wild horses near Smith Lake Road

| May 13, 2022 12:00 AM

A caller phoned in a report of a pair of horses running free down Smith Lake Road.

Headed toward Whalebone Drive, the duo lacked bridle or tack, the individual told dispatchers. They looked untamed to the caller, who did not say whether the wild horses could drag them away or if they would ride them some day.

An employee called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office on her supervisor. The worker told dispatchers her manager had been telling her to leave. The disagreement had elevated to harassment and screaming. The employee said she was new to the job.

Someone spotted a group of men setting a campfire ablaze on the side of the bike path. The caller reported that the blaze seemed under control.

Someone opened an account with a major telecommunications provider in another person’s name.

Loud music pushed a caller into contacting the sheriff’s office. The caller told dispatchers that the group playing the tunes had been partying in a driveway for about 45 minutes. They asked that a deputy speak with the party animals.

Motorists parked outside a man’s grandmother’s home were drinking and littering. The man described the individuals in the cars as underage kids. They had turned the area into their hangout spot, he said, and local authorities weren’t doing anything about it.

Dispatchers told the man that the last couple of times he had called, he had declined contact with a deputy. It’s hard to follow up without contact, they explained.

A man sitting on the railroad tracks banging on the rails with either a hatchet or a hammer left a passerby feeling anxious.

A thief nabbed the radio out of a parked dump truck. It was the second time items were taken from the truck.

Two men cutting up logs aroused the suspicions of another man, who phoned the sheriff’s office when they wouldn’t give him an adequate explanation for their goings on. He worried the pair was possibly stealing wood from the area. He told dispatchers he was armed and blocking them in.

Dispatchers asked him to secure his firearms.

A caller said his grandmother spotted four men going through mailboxes in the neighborhood.

A property owner confronted a man cutting down trees on his land and got cussed out for his trouble. He asked that deputies remove the would-be lumberjack.

A man clearing out a camper in a parking lot sparked a phone call to authorities. The caller told dispatchers he suspected the man planned to abandon the sliding camper. He thought deputies might want to check it out.

A hitch thief forgot to look for cameras before making his or her move. A security firm caught the thievery on film and was able to capture the license plate and track down the suspect’s name.

Someone reported the theft of a black binder containing a set of keys and retirement account documentation.

A caller reported receiving a scam letter several days earlier. The letter writer claimed to work for a bank and promised the individual a $10 million inheritance.

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