Saturday, November 26, 2022

Law roundup: Woman thinks ex is in upholstery

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 21, 2022 5:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department officers checked a woman’s vehicle because she was allegedly convinced her ex was in the upholstery.

A woman reportedly ran over boulders in an alleyway and thought where they were placed was a traffic hazard and wanted a call from an officer to see what could be done so others don’t damage their vehicles. She was advised the boulders were on private property.

A dog allegedly clocks in for a full day of barking at 7:15 a.m. Officers observed a black shepherd mix with tall pointy ears barking excessively and left a notice for the owner to call regarding the complaint.

An alleged shoplifter threw a stolen item at a store security employee and punched and shoved them, almost causing them to fall down the stairs, before taking off in a silver Jetta. The man was described as clean-shaven, on the short side, and wearing a Seahawks beanie and gray jacket.

A woman’s gel cushion for her wheelchair was allegedly stolen.

A woman called police regarding a notice of a complaint on her door. Officers told her, her dog had reportedly been running at large and urinated on a neighbor’s vehicle tires. She was confused because there wasn’t an “HOA law” against dogs running at large. She was advised about the existence of a county law against it, to which she had questions since all the neighborhood dogs purportedly run loose. She had to be told that the law applied to all dogs and dog owners.

A patron at a business was suspicious that three intoxicated men wearing dark clothing and stocking caps were reportedly “up to no good,” when they were seen drinking beer in a parking lot and leaning on vehicles.

Someone's night was interrupted by the sound of a man yelling and screaming, which turned out to be an argument over the phone. The man said he would wrap it up for the night.

Extra patrol was requested around a facility allegedly experiencing break-ins when a window was broken and a man said an unknown person was in his room.

A manager at a location was suspicious after an older pickup pulled up behind a van that had a broken windshield and was full of garbage after it had sat there for a couple of hours. Officers detained two people and a stolen vehicle was removed from the National Crime Information Center.

A resident was suspicious of a man and woman who were reportedly going up and down the road trying to sell items either to, or for, the community college. One person said they were trying to sell frozen meals and a neighbor said they were trying to sell something else.

A woman complained about a vehicle parked by her fence and another vehicle with its hood up to be jumped. She claimed they had been there for an hour and usually park there to go to a “drug house.” Officers made contact with a few people who were released and left in one of the vehicles.

A man called police after his mother allegedly took his vehicle and wouldn’t tell him where it was. He said she paid for some vehicle repair and he was trying to sell it. When officers asked if he was trying to get her arrested, he reportedly said he was considering prosecution. The officer advised him that calling her would be the more appropriate approach.

An SUV was reportedly “glued” to the bumper of another vehicle and was speeding down an alley, chasing it and honking.

A woman told officers she was parallel parking her blue Subaru on Main Street and backed into a gray Volkswagen Passat behind her and said it was so minor that she did not think there was any damage, yet didn’t check, and left. She was counseled on the Duty upon striking unattended vehicle law.

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