Sunday, September 25, 2022

Law roundup: Woman airs grievances about rental situation

| September 8, 2022 12:00 AM

A woman renting a room from someone renting the townhouse from a property management company allegedly read online to call 911 before an illegal eviction. Her laundry list of grievances included appliances that were so dirty they put off toxic fumes. The Kalispell Police Department referred her to civil court.

A man with red hair, donning a black dress and sporting a trash bag, reportedly scared a 9-year-old and her mother when he started banging on the windows of the van they were in.

A person wearing a Halloween mask and riding a minibike around a parking lot had someone concerned they couldn’t see where they were going.

A homeless person reportedly set up camp on a man’s porch and knocked on his front door.

A man wearing makeup and dressed in a tan coat allegedly banged on a hotel guest’s door and frightened an employee who called 911 when he “made a sudden move” toward him and wouldn’t leave after trying to get a room without a reservation.

An employee asked officers to check on a woman dressed in blue scrubs who had been loitering in the store and walking behind the building for several hours.

A black Chevy truck with a topper was allegedly siphoning gas out of a delivery truck and the manager requested extra patrol.

A woman was concerned about transients parking near her house, namely a broken down vehicle that people were allegedly living out of. She said she would see a man push the vehicle around after officers stickered it.

A woman in need of good health purportedly stole vitamins and glasses before leaving in a red sedan.

A later call came in about a woman who allegedly stole cereal and pastries from a bakery.

A man called 911 asking law enforcement to send him to jail. He screamed an expletive and hung up.

A woman also tied up the lines to 911 when she called to report hearing a tapping noise all day, but it was a noise she could only hear while standing outside an apartment building.

A group of six preteens were purportedly causing a ruckus by running and skateboarding around a business, ignoring a parent’s request they settle down.

A man allegedly spotted a trailer stolen from a business attached to a white GMC.

Someone, who tends flowers for the city, called officers after a parent didn’t pick up her phone regarding a 9-year-old dropped off at a martial arts facility that was closed that day.

Two brothers allegedly pulled over in a vehicle to fight each other and a passerby thought Columbia Falls Police Department officers should check on them.

Two black bears reportedly destroyed dumpsters by an apartment building. When one of the bears, which was on top of a dumpster, ran back into the woods, someone went in to close a gate leading to receptacles.

Someone saw a door to a business hanging wide open. Officers cleared the building and it was secured.

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