Thursday, September 21, 2023

Law roundup: Scary men driving big trucks harass individual

by Daily Inter Lake
| April 25, 2023 12:00 AM

Someone, who reportedly felt unsafe in Kalispell, complained about big, scary “rednecks” driving big trucks were harassing them on the bypass when Kalispell Police Department officers weren’t around. The caller declined to file a report or have an officer contact them and just wanted to vent, exhausted from working a 10-hour shift.

A drunk man reportedly called the police at his drunk wife’s request after having a verbal argument. He then got his wife on the phone and she said she had too much to drink. They both said they didn’t need law enforcement, began chuckling about having called the police, and agreed to stop arguing and go to bed.

A man allegedly pounded on a neighbor’s door and screamed that they had his dog. He went into his house but soon returned. He then got into his car and started backing out but then pulled back in and was seen grabbing his dog out of the back and going inside his house.

A man, who was talking to himself, allegedly walked into a location and went straight to the bathroom. He came out and paced around the lobby and opened doors that set off alarms and then repeated the whole process, which scared patients and an employee who locked themselves in a backroom.

A man reportedly looked like he was punching a woman lying on the ground while people tried to separate the two, but “he kept going at it.” Two men and one woman told officers nothing happened.

Someone suspected their friend stole a wallet because she threw $30 at them and took off when she learned law enforcement was coming to talk to her.

Someone called the police saying they had to leave a car in the middle of the road because a towing company couldn’t arrive until the morning.

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