Monday, June 05, 2023

Law roundup: Woman won’t support suspicious man’s wedding

by Daily Inter Lake
| February 2, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman had enough of a man’s suspicious behavior that she went to the Kalispell Police Department to request extra patrol in her neighborhood. He was allegedly spotted in her backyard, knocking on her door, ringing her doorbell and approaching other residences asking for donations for a wedding.

A customer at a hotel restaurant saw a woman in her 30s yelling about free drinks and then leaving. Things escalated when she allegedly returned and started knocking things off tables and the bar. The customer claimed he was asked by employees to help remove her from the premises and when she fought against their attempts he pepper sprayed her “as he was in fear of an attack and guests were frightened by the woman’s actions.”

A motel employee reportedly thought that two guests who wouldn’t check out was urgent enough to call 911. The employee said the man and woman wouldn’t answer the door, which they barred, and believed they were doing drugs because she was previously seen wandering around, out of it.

Police received a call from a woman alleging a man threw things at her in a store and threatened her but couldn’t say what he said, claiming she blacked out while he yelled at her. She wanted to sign a complaint but when dispatch tried to get more information she became angry and hung up. She said she had video footage. The man was counseled on his behavior.

A passerby asked officers to check on the welfare of a very intoxicated man who reportedly couldn’t stand up.

A woman purportedly hit her husband, threw things and “ripped” a baby out of his arms.

A man and a woman with a dog allegedly stole an energy drink and breakfast sandwiches on their way out of a store. Officers issued citations for theft to both.

Someone reportedly thought two women and a man smoking from a pipe behind a business were doing drugs although they couldn’t get a good look to describe what the individuals looked like.

A new tenant was allegedly having a terrible time getting any peace and quiet since they moved in because the neighbors below were screaming and banging around day and night.

Someone called the police requesting that officers ask two people camping near a dumpster to leave because employees didn’t feel comfortable asking them. Officers advised the pair to move along. Officers received a second call when the pair had not moved and guests were concerned there were dead bodies by the dumpsters, which they deemed was causing a disturbance and wanted them moved along. They moved on.

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