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Law roundup: Man calls 911 to make introduction

| January 13, 2023 12:00 AM

The Kalispell Police Department fielded a call from a man who let them know he was new to the area. Dispatchers suspected the man was intoxicated, but made sure to confirm he was not suffering from a medical emergency. Eventually, he told them he suspected a thief stole his money and asked to speak with law enforcement.

When officers called him back, he promptly hung up. During a second attempt at a phone call, he was again difficult to understand, but said something akin to “have a good day.” Officers decided he could call back when he sobered up.

A caller asked for police help in removing an old and broken down motorhome in the parking lot. The caller said it looked as though someone was camping out and noted an array of propane tanks around the vehicle. Investigators determined the occupants were trying to get a jump.

Finding a dog out loose, a resident opted to take it with him until animal control officers could arrange a meeting. Eventually the shepherd mix ended up in the Flathead County Animal Shelter.

A couple allegedly caught stealing a pair of cold ones from a local supermarket was banned from returning to the store.

A Rhode Island business owner contacted investigators to report credit card theft. She said someone with a Laurel, Montana address used her credit card to buy a convertible top for a 2015 Ford Mustang. The top, though, was delivered to Kalispell, where it was signed for and reported as fraud. The New England business owner was now out $4,694.

An employee asked that officers bar a man from returning to his facility. The man keeps coming back and banging on a specific woman’s door, he said.

Spotting a man wandering down the alley behind his business tagging light poles, buildings and fencings with graffiti, a caller contacted police. They also pulled surveillance footage of the suspect and offered it to officers as evidence.

A security officer at the local Social Security Administration office allegedly asked a woman a series of bizarre questions, though the nature of the questions weren’t detailed.

Police investigated the theft of a stick of deodorant from a local store.

Worried about a suspicious email, a woman phoned officers for help. She told authorities the message threatened to pull more than $60 from her bank account each month. Investigators determined it was not a scam, but rather an item or service she already purchased.

Flathead County Detention Center personnel turned over four letters addressed to the victim of a partner or family member assault.

A man phoned dispatchers and asked them why they called him. He then thanked the dispatchers and hung up. When they called back, no one picked up. Officers suspected it was the same man who called earlier in the evening based on the phone number.

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