Saturday, February 04, 2023

Law roundup: Woman clips bicycle and drives away

by Daily Inter Lake
| January 15, 2023 12:00 AM

An elderly woman reportedly did not completely stop at a four-way intersection and clipped the back of a man’s bicycle and bent a rim, which he estimated to cost $100 to repair. Instead of stopping to check if everything was OK, she mouthed, “Sorry,” and drove off.

A vehicle was allegedly broken into again and someone stole an oxygen tank. The owner told the Kalispell Police Department he wasn’t sure how people were getting in because the vehicle was locked.

Someone complained about an unfriendly dog on the loose that only came out at night like a werewolf.

A man clad in a camo coat and a white furry hat was purportedly throwing things and screaming.

People in a silver Toyota with no license plates on it allegedly threw firecrackers into a woman’s field of vision and they landed against her leg. She told officers she was following them, wanting them caught.

A blue Dodge driving about 20 mph was reportedly swerving all over the bypass.

A building manager reported an individual for sleeping underneath chairs.

Guys in the street allegedly raised the suspicions of someone who thought they were casing the neighborhood and requested extra patrol.

Needles were found in a parking lot.

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