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Letters to the editor Jan. 23

| January 23, 2023 12:00 AM

The big lie

In response to Morna Gilbery's letter (Jan 16), who responded to Bob Horne's spot on letter (Big lie lives on, Jan 10) can you be serious, Morna?

You say the "election facts" led to "an unjust government." Really? Still?

You say "President Biden owns the first lie of Jan. 6 when he called the peaceful protesters (!!) insurrectionists." Again. Really? Still?

Morna, 978 Americans have been charged with federal crimes because of the violent actions on the Capitol Jan. 6, 2021. Are you aware of that? They were not peaceful. Real, authentic video and lots of it, make that perfectly clear. Many admitted under court oath they were duped by then President Trump and out for blood Jan. 6 after he fomented the big election lie. Yet you criticize Biden and mainstream media for perpetuating all of this as a lie? Morna, the newspaper you've written to and apparently read, is a mainstream publication. You do know that, right? You end your letter criticizing Mr. Horne with, "people like you are part of the perpetuation" of the election, Jan. 6 lies. No, Morna, you are and everyone reading this can see


— Mark Suppelsa, Bigfork

Gratitude for Rosendale

Far from an embarrassment as noted by Carol and John Santa's Jan 15 letter to the Inter Lake, Rep. Matt Rosendale's and others' valiant stand against the left's outrageous fleecing of the American taxpayers has hopefully put us back on the road to constitutional government.

The Santas' lamenting on Rosendale's "no" votes highlight the systemic problem with far too many voters' unenlightened conclusions about how the government is supposed to function.

Matt Rosendale stands for fiscal responsibility in government. An enormous bill loaded with pork presented to Congress for passage at the last minute will get his "no" vote and the Santas' list of bills is a list of pork-laden earmarks catering to special interests and leftist pet projects.

They must think that $689,000 to study romance between parrots is money well spent. That's just one of many examples of idiocy in the 4,155-page spending bill passed recently.

Women's right to contraception is an obvious right, but it doesn't automatically include the right to force taxpayers to pay for it. It's just another of the misleadingly labeled bills which earned a "no" vote. Another example is the "Reduction of inflation act". What a joke; unbelievable!

The "concessions" fought for and won by the small group of Republicans would go a long way to getting congress back on track. One important one is that there would be no more all-inclusive omnibus bills; each item would be presented for voting on its own transparent merits, not hidden in a monstrous package. Biden's haughty answer to the democratic republic's revival: "If any of those bills cross my desk, I'll veto them" Remember that when voting next time.

Let's support our elected representatives who stand up for us, don't attack them with vicious baseless accusations. Matt Rosendale deserves our gratitude.

— Gary Goers, Kalispell

Public education

It is critical that those who support public education in Montana carefully monitor activities of the 2023 Legislature. With a super majority in place, a very real opportunity exists for some groups to radically change educational prospects for students in our state.

Organizations like Americans for Prosperity MT and others are encouraging laws that would stifle academic freedom and move educational dollars from public coffers to individuals. These groups are organized and well-funded with money from both in and out-of-state entities. Their pursuits are ideological in nature with little regard for interests other than their own.

The superintendent of Public Instruction recently facilitated listening/information gathering meetings in communities around the state to establish legislative priorities stating that, “Education is a generational discussion with parents and grandparents.” The importance of parents and grandparents cannot be denied.

Unfortunately, there are many children in Montana without family support. The needs of these most vulnerable children are left unmet when no one speaks for them. Those who seek to advocate for the unheard must do so loudly and clearly if we genuinely want to “develop the full educational potential of each person,” as stated in the Montana State Constitution.

— Connie Gates, Helena

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