Saturday, February 04, 2023

Law roundup: Woman lets neighbors know she’s sorry

| January 25, 2023 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report of a woman heard repeatedly screaming, “I’m sorry,” which a neighbor thought could be a physical disturbance. It turned out she just had a rough night and a few apologies were warranted. Officers advised her to keep it down.

An employee felt uncomfortable approaching the driver of a “greatly modified” Winnebago and asking them to move along from the parking lot and called the police. The man was on his way to do some gambling, which the employee was OK with.

A black Audi purportedly circled a neighborhood at about 60 mph for more than an hour.

A customer at a coffee stand had the misfortune of seeing an intoxicated man taking off his pants and urinating in the parking lot.

Someone approaching a stoplight was unnerved by a very agitated hitchhiker dressed in black who approached their vehicle trying to get a ride and then pounded on the window of the vehicle in front of them. The man was dropped off at a location and counseled by officers.

A group of interlocutors with dogs reportedly tried to get into someone’s building so they kicked the door and told them to leave. The group then wandered down the street, appearing to try doors along the way.

A man vented his frustration with an ongoing situation reportedly involving four or five “junk cars” parked in the roadway, narrowing it to one lane, to an officer who determined the vehicles were parked legally. Residents approached them, offering to move their vehicles. He planned to take his qualms up with Kalispell City Council.

Tenants and staff were allegedly uncomfortable with a man hanging out by the side of the building in a green Ford containing a lot of garbage in the back. Someone told officers he carried a firearm and he had previously been told not to hang out there. Officers moved him along.

A woman dialed 911 but refused to provide any information before hanging up.

A man was reportedly sleeping in an entranceway where an ATM was located. He moved along.

A woman allegedly told a man she was calling the police to report him for trespassing and he retorted, “Good I need them anyway my chest hurts.” Officers called a local shelter only to learn he wasn’t allowed there and then called another facility. He was eventually dropped off somewhere and advised of the locations he was banned from.

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