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Law roundup: Man asks for help repossessing car

| May 4, 2023 12:00 AM

A man trying to get possession of a vehicle he claimed as his contacted the Kalispell Police Department for help. The man told dispatchers that he and his wife had been separated for three years and she was not giving him access to the vehicle, which was in his name. After the neighbors got involved, the man opted against bringing law enforcement into the equation and turned down a follow-up phone call. He had given up on trying to get the vehicle back, he said.

Authorities were asked to check out a pair of people in a parked silver car after a passerby spotted the occupants semi-conscious. Responding officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

A patient at the emergency department called the police for a ride. She told dispatchers that the staff at the hospital told her to contact the police department if she couldn’t find another way to leave.

A woman contacted authorities at the behest of her husband, who had told her that their daughter’s husband was causing a disturbance. She told dispatchers that their son-in-law had previously threatened violence on women, but could not offer any details about the ongoing situation because she was not present for it. Arriving officers determined the fight had not escalated beyond an argument and they separated the group.

Officers gave a friendly dog found in a parking lot a ride to the county animal shelter.

A caller reported a group of at least seven cars speeding and doing doughnuts in a parking lot. Several young children were playing basketball nearby, they said. The unruly group of motorists had departed by the time officers arrived.

Police responded to an area home after a woman reported her ex-partner for trying to get inside the house. He allegedly began by trying to kick the doors down, but gave up and began rummaging through the storage shed. Dispatchers let responding officers know they could hear the man yelling at the woman and banging on the door. He was gone before officers arrived.

Officers counseled two young men who allegedly were trying to convince the employee of a local business to get into their vehicle. An onlooker spotted the suspicious conversation and phoned authorities. Police ended up holding a discussion with the duo about their behavior.

A caller reported a Ford F-150 driving erratically. The pickup, which held four or five “kids,” was speeding and swerved across four lanes of traffic.

Someone reported another individual he suspected of having outstanding warrants. The individual in question was gone when officers arrived to check it out.

The owner of a building phoned authorities after arriving at the structure to find several sleeping bags underneath the overhang. She flagged down a passing officer to ask that police find the bags’ owners and ban them from the property. She also requested extra patrols in the area overnight.

The employee of a local watering hole called authorities after finding a patron unconscious by a garbage can. The employee said the man had a drink at the bar and seemed fine, but now was on the ground surrounded by vomit. The man’s family came to take him away before first responders could arrive.

A father reported getting attacked by his daughter and her mother-in-law.

A caller asked that officers move along an individual sleeping by the front door.

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