Saturday, May 27, 2023

Law roundup: Woman deems neighbor’s dumping ‘inhuman’

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 16, 2023 12:00 AM

A Kalispell woman complained to the Flathead County Sheriff's Office about her neighbor egregiously dumping five boxes filled with lawn trimmings, leaves and other debris onto her yard going as far as to say, “It’s inhuman to dump like that onto someone else’s property.”

Someone calling from Columbia Falls had a similar complaint, except they alleged their landscaper neighbor was dumping trash from all of his job sites onto their property.

A Columbia Falls woman was concerned about an incident at her parent’s house where a raccoon that reportedly killed their house cat had rabies.

A woman calling from Somers thought someone threw a handful of rocks at her vehicle when she discovered the windshield was broken. She told deputies she was mostly curious if this was happening to other people.

Deputies received a call from a Columbia Falls resident who alleged a neighbor killed her cat with poison.

A passerby reported a burn pile was turning into a grass fire of about 100 feet in circumference in Kalispell. The fire was extinguished.

A man calling from Kalispell wanted to go fishing, but a cat was hiding in the boat and no one could get it to come out. They were advised it would be a while before animal control had phone service to call. Eventually, the cat went on its merry way.

A condo owner calling the Whitefish Police Department from out of the state reportedly thought a decorator was renting their unit without permission. They told officers a management company told them their condo had not been rented. However, there was video footage of five people in the condo and during a visit, it looked like one bed had been slept in and other items were not in their proper place.

Someone allegedly heard a woman in a house across the street screaming, “You’re going to go to jail.” She told officers it was a verbal argument.

Someone called the police after reportedly seeing golf carts driving on the sidewalk of U.S. 93 and wanted the “no motor vehicles” sign to be enforced.

A woman reportedly thought she left her pink wallet on top of her car and drove off after getting gas. She told police that an employee said a pink wallet was turned in but had already been returned to its owner. An officer spoke with the employee who returned the wallet and determined it did not match the description of the woman’s passport-style pink wallet.

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