Saturday, May 27, 2023

Law Roundup: A pop-up ‘Fight Club’ in Kalispell

| May 19, 2023 12:00 AM

Officers with the Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of two teen boys fighting in front of a crowd of about 30 onlookers near a downtown mall. Arriving officers reported that both boys shook hands after the fight and turned down medical assistance. They also spoke with the parents of the pair, who opted against pursuing charges. Officers ended up counseling everyone involved.

A Rottweiler-looking dog in a parked Ford Expedition prompted a call to the police after a woman walking by the vehicle said the canine lunged at her through a half-open window. The woman told authorities she had parked next to the Ford and the dog lunged at her head when she got out. She recounted nearly getting bit by the aggressive animal. When she returned from her trip, the dog’s presence forced her to crawl through the passenger side of her vehicle to get in. She worried for other people’s safety. Responding officers met with the dog owner who admitted second-guessing about how far down she left the windows. Officers asked that she crack the windows more narrowly next time around.

Dispatchers received a call from a person suffering an apparent fit of hysterics; all they could hear was screaming and crying. When they got hold of an individual, they explained that their daughter accidentally dialed 911 while watching television and got upset. They clarified that the child was upset about calling 911 and not the television program.

Officers entering a homeless encampment pulled back after deciding they needed personal protective equipment before going any further.

Authorities were tasked with investigating a report of multiple gunshots emanating from an area near the U.S. 93 Bypass. They met up with several construction workers in the area who reported hearing nothing during the period of time when the gunshots allegedly rang out.

Officers informed a man caught lying on the grass in the park of the rules for the public space after a caller reported seeing him face down while walking by on Main Street.

A caller reported spotting two suspicious men in a Jeep with Utah plates. Several people kept approaching the vehicle, the caller said, and the men seemed to get particularly excited when law enforcement conducted a nearby traffic stop. The caller described the men as telling each to “stay calm.”

Officers were asked to speak with a group living out of a gold motorhome situated in the northwest corner of a local parking lot. An employee who worked at the location told police that the group was using nearby bushes as a dual dump and latrine.

A caller asked to report a series of thefts at a local gas station several days prior.

A resident called in a possible drug deal, telling dispatchers that a man parked in front of her house and then walked down the bike path toward what she described as a “drug house.” The vehicle was gone by the time officers arrived to check it out.

Officers warned a motorist against using a traffic lane as a loading zone after getting caught holding up traffic to unload items.

A tenant undergoing an eviction reported receiving harassing phone calls from her landlord. She told officers the landlord began yelling at her, telling her to move out, but she had until June 16 to leave. Officers offered advice and walked her through the temporary restraining order process.

A resident reported finding human feces in her yard. She described it as an ongoing problem, but one that had worsened in recent months. Officers suggested surveillance cameras and motion sensor-activated flood lights.

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