Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Law roundup: Man pretends to be police officer

by Daily Inter Lake
| May 21, 2023 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received two reports of a man pretending to be a cop and flashing a badge.

In the first report, a gas station owner allegedly asked the man to move his white Chrysler 300, which was blocking the path of a fuel truck en route to the location and he punched a window and flashed what the owner thought was a fake law enforcement badge. They told officers they had a photo of the badge.

In the later report, the man driving the white car reportedly told a woman he was a police officer and tried to get into her vehicle. He also said he wanted to see her child and flashed a silvery gold badge on a black background.

A woman reportedly walked past children in a park wanted officers to check on their welfare because they didn’t have food and their parents were yelling at them. The woman herself yelled at the dispatcher who answered her call, when they asked her how she knew the children hadn’t eaten and had no food. An officer checked the children who were fine.

A school employee was suspicious of a man who they thought slept overnight in the parking lot. The employee allegedly spoke to the man, who had gone to the front of the building and he said he was trying to catch his tuxedo cat, “Tuxi,” which he thought was under a pavilion and he had been leaving cat food out at midnight trying to lure the cat out. He became defensive when the employee told him the school has to be careful about strangers on the property.

A man called the police while headed to the emergency room with his pregnant wife after she was allegedly kicked in the stomach by a student and was upset about possibly miscarriage from the assault.

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