Saturday, May 27, 2023

Law roundup: Motorist loses track of vehicle after wreck

| May 26, 2023 12:00 AM

A man who fled the scene after crashing his vehicle called the Kalispell Police Department later on to see if they could tell him where the tow truck had taken the wrecked rig. He had called the day prior and authorities told him he needed to speak with an officer working the nightshift for that information, but he had not gotten around to it. Officials relented and gave him the name of the tow company that hauled off the vehicle.

A homeowner with multiple ongoing complaints regarding parked vehicles in front of her home phoned the police with an update. There was now a trailer with a snowmobile parked out front, she said.

A man was seen “freaking out” while smoking from a pipe. Responding officers told the man to stay out of the road.

Two men digging through the garbage aroused the suspicions of a passerby, who described the duo as making weird arm gestures. They might be high, the passerby suggested.

The manager of an area business called in to report a man passed out drunk behind the building, near the rear entrance and close to the garbage cans. The unconscious man was breathing and surrounded by empty cans of hard lemonade. The man previously was banned from the property, but the manager just wanted him removed this go around. He was in a bad location, the manager explained. Last time, he had to put cones around him.

A gumshoe of a parent called police after they thought they found two stolen bicycles. The parent told officers that their son and a friend had their bicycles stolen over the weekend. While driving around looking for the missing bicycles, they thought they spotted them in a gold minivan.

Finding a bunch of random items tossed over his fence, a property owner contacted authorities. He described the discarded goods as including bicycles and packs. Upon speaking with an officer, the man said it mostly looked like junk and there were used needles in the mix as well.

The manager of an area hotel asked for officers to remove and ban two guests after they continued to fight and smoke in their room. They also had twice called an ambulance and then refused aid, the manager told officers.

A caller reported seeing two women arguing in a red car parked in an alleyway for more than an hour.

A passerby came across an unconscious man and it didn’t “look like it [was] from a day of hard work.” Officers moved the previously unconscious man along.

A couple’s marathon argument finally pushed a neighbor over the edge. The unwilling audience of one contacted the police to tell them the fighting had gone on since the middle of the night and included horns. They couldn’t “take it any more.” Officers counseled the pair and warned them of possible citations if they couldn’t settle down.

A motorist called police after seeing a woman acting agitated near the side of the street. They described the woman as walking in and out of the roadway while stomping her feet.

An anonymous caller reported a man to police for chasing cars, yelling and rambling off license plate information.

A false report nearly resulted in an arrest after employees of a local dealership told police a man was trying to trade in a vehicle reported stolen out of Washington state. Investigators later learned that the dealership that sold the vehicle to the man accidentally reported it as stolen afterward. About that time the dealership in question had suffered the theft of about 20 vehicles and assumed the recently sold vehicle was, in actuality, stolen. After connecting with law enforcement in Washington state, authorities in Kalispell learned it was an ongoing problem with the dealership.

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