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Law roundup: Man goes ballistic in front of 5-year-old

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 7, 2023 12:00 AM

A man reportedly went ballistic when a 5-year-old opened a car door and dinged his vehicle in a store parking lot. The man walked away when the mother called 911 because he was standing between her and her child screaming at them. The parent told the Kalispell Police Department she didn’t see any visible damage to either vehicle

The rear end of a white SUV, speeding in a parking lot, allegedly struck a pallet an employee was carrying as he exited a storage shed, pushing it into him. The SUV did not stop. The employee reported experiencing soreness but declined medical attention. 

A disorderly man reportedly went to an apartment building where his girlfriend lived and told someone on his way upstairs that a restraining order had expired and was “BS.” The person called the police and said two tenants had restraining orders against him. An officer served the man with both protection orders.

A man calling to complain about a green vehicle parked in front of a “no parking sign” allegedly ignored dispatch’s questions and repeatedly said, “I love you guys.”

A customer driving a white Chevrolet truck allegedly followed an employee at a high rate of speed, trying to run him off the road and steal items. An assistant manager alleged that the customer caused prior incidents and asked police to tell him he was banned from the property if identified.

Someone asked the police to check on a man’s welfare who was reportedly living out of his van because they went to check on him after he had complained about the cold at night, but he wasn’t there. It turns out he was at the hospital.

A couple reportedly stole ice cream and a bag of candy and left in a white Chevy Malibu.

A woman allegedly grabbed a paper towel holder and locked herself in a bathroom after she heard someone running around her house and thought they got inside. Officers searched the house and didn’t locate anyone inside other than the woman.

A group of people hanging out on a sidewalk were allegedly passing around a pipe.

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