Saturday, December 09, 2023

Law roundup: Spouse reports blackmailed husband

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 9, 2023 12:00 AM

A man allegedly sent a woman $300 in gift cards after she threatened to send photos he sent her to “church people and family.” His spouse reported the alleged blackmail to the Kalispell Police Department and said the woman gave him until the end of the week to send an additional $150.

Two bags surrounded by needles and random jars of liquid were reportedly found by an employee. An officer picked up the items for disposal.

A man told officers he was backing out of a parking space when a man with a mustache got out of his car and “came up on him rapidly” and threatened to beat him up. The mustachioed man, however, denied making threats. He said it was the other man who was yelling and “cussing” at him after almost causing a crash when he “rapidly” backed out of the parking space. An employee said both men were yelling and using profanity. The storytellers were separated.

A man was pushing his dog in a stroller when two large white dogs tried to attack the canine. He told police similar incidents happened four or five times before. One time he said he used a bat to swat the dogs away. An officer told the owner of the alleged bullies about the complaint, advising them about city ordinances, potential tickets and the city’s vicious dog petition.

A man leaving an apartment complex to walk his dog was reportedly shoved by another tenant who said, “Get the (expletive) off my dogs.”

A man claiming to be an independent journalist was reportedly using a camera on a tripod to record “people not being compliant” and was not cooperating with building security. He left the building and was counseled by an officer.

A four-door Plymouth Neon allegedly hogged a 15-minute parking space meant for 24 hours.

A woman reportedly gave out personal information and $7,500 to someone over the internet and wanted to report it as identity theft.

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