Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Law roundup: Police apprised of friends’ alleged theft

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 1, 2023 12:00 AM

A man told the Kalispell Police Department that his homeless friends, who slept in his car, stole his $50 e-cigarette. Although he did not want to report the theft formally, he was still salty over the situation and wanted officers to know his “friends” were thieves.

A muscular woman, who was purportedly just released from jail, was apparently back in the saddle of crime when she tried to steal from a business and was escorted out the backdoor. Although the business didn’t want to pursue charges, an employee thought officers should be aware of the situation and said she was acting “very off.”

A woman in a tan Mazda SUV was reported for child neglect when she was allegedly seen with an infant, around 2 months old, in her lap.

Someone reportedly heard hissing from something coming up, or steaming up, from the ground under a street lamp. They called back when they discovered the mysterious substance was just water from sprinklers.

A man allegedly pulled over to check his phone when the driver of a maroon Dodge pickup pulled up behind him, got out, and began pounding on his window, yelling.

A man’s ex was barking up the wrong tree when they allegedly harassed him via text messages and threatened to steal his dog, which he said was a gift and did not belong to them. Officers told him if the dog became a larger issue he would have to deal with it in civil court.

A woman, who was allegedly a known offender for assault and for being anti-law enforcement, called the police with questions about a neighbor’s temporary restraining order against her.

A passenger given a ride to the mall reportedly stole the driver’s firearm from the backseat.

A man allegedly received text messages from a stranger threatening to kill his family if they did not “get their money.”

A 46-year-old man reportedly flushed drugs down a toilet and choked a woman who left the house with her child. He thought he could just walk away, however, police caught up with him.

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