Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Law roundup: Reckless driver goes buggy on the road

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 2, 2023 12:00 AM

A woman driving a red Volkswagen Beetle was being a reckless pest on the road as she reportedly tailgated vehicles, wove in and out of a traffic lane, passed unsafely, flipped people off, threw things out the window and nearly rear-ended someone all before swerving into a shopping center and parking in front a pizza chain restaurant.

A man allegedly went into a store for the second time in one day and tried to steal a doughnut and a bag of Sour Patch Kids candy. When an employee called the Kalispell Police Department he was heard yelled at store security to give him his stuff back or he would sue and then left on foot. An officer gave returned groceries he had paid for and told him the store did not plan to pursue theft charges but he was to stay away from the property. Maybe this was his sour moment before turning sweet.

Someone reportedly was banging on a resident’s door and they were worried because similar occurrences happened a few months ago prior to a break-in.

A woman was fearful that another woman driving a white SUV with a child passenger was purportedly following her and tried to block in her vehicle at one point and on her way to the police department, she no longer saw the ominous SUV.

A man filed an online report that toolboxes containing about $2,200 worth of tools were stolen from the bed of his truck during the night. He said the toolboxes had been tied down with ratchet straps.

A building owner complained that a transient, who had been in the area for a few months, was reportedly acting “very erratic today,” and was yelling profanities at people. The owner said he had been hanging around the building for hours and wanted officers to ban him from the property.

A Louisiana attorney allegedly tried to tracking down a man to serve him with divorce papers after he ran off and told officers he was supposed to be listed as a sex offender.

A woman wanted a man cited for trespassing when he reportedly came on to the property and threatened to kill her boyfriend saying, “You better watch your words, it would be good for your health.” Officers provided him with information about obtaining a restraining order.

A back window was allegedly broken out of a trailer.

A female with a purple flower backpack was cited for trespassing when she stood on a sidewalk cussing at security.

Someone reportedly drove past a gold sedan three times and was concerned someone needed help because each time the car’s hazard lights were on. The vehicle was unoccupied.

A resident woke up one morning to reportedly find an older minivan with broken windows that was partially parked in the street in front of their house all morning and was suspicious that someone was sleeping in the back. It was unoccupied.

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