Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Law Roundup: Case of the doughnut thief

| September 22, 2023 12:00 AM

A man, who apparently is a known offender, took a doughnut from the grocery store and ate it without paying, according to the Kalispell Police Department.

An ex was requesting to retrieve some of his personal belongings from a house that he rents to his ex after breaking up 10 years ago. Law enforcement told the man to call back when he is actually here since he lives out of state.

A group of men approached a woman early in the morning outside of her work. The manager asked for extra patrol overnight.

One black Toyota Rav4 and a red Chevy truck were parked in handicap spots illegally. One of the cars was moved right away by its owner, the other was being driven by a man’s estranged wife who wouldn’t answer the phone. The truck was then cited for parking in a handicap spot with no visible placard.

A man with gray, messy hair and a large beard began throwing pallets at a business and drove off.

Someone called about a white dog being in a blue Ford Expedition for an hour. The dog was OK, dispatch said, and it was 62 degrees outside.

A woman was angry after a child on a school bus shined a laser into her vehicle, reflecting off of a mirror directly into her eyes. After trying to wave the bus driver down, the woman called to see if law enforcement could figure out what bus and kid it was so she could counsel them.

Law enforcement told a man they do not investigate civil issues after he called and was upset that a business that he hired to do his taxes hasn’t turned them in yet.

A caller had questions about the legality of “fire performing” inside city limits. Dispatch recommended they reach out to the Parks Department.

Bed bugs infiltrated a patron’s room, causing them to call dispatch after being told to move all their furniture out of the room to spray it. The caller did not like the options dispatch gave them and hung up.

Someone’s aunt was opening mail that wasn’t hers.

After losing her dog in the chiropractor parking lot, a woman was reunited with her chihuahua.

A mini-excavator hit a gas line downtown. Kalispell police helped with traffic while the gas leak was handled.

Throwing handfuls of candy, a group of teenagers were headed southbound when dispatch received a call from a concerned witness that the candy could do damage or hurt someone. The caller’s car had no damages.

A green Honda Civic, which was stolen last weekend, was returned to its owner after someone noticed it in a grocery store parking lot.

A 15-year-old dressed in full tactical gear, carrying a fake pistol, made a driveway alarm go off. The caller wanted police to be aware of it, following up by talking to the child’s father.

A repeat diner-and-dasher got caught after taking off from a restaurant after his meal.

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