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Park Side Credit Union provides free online course for students

| April 25, 2020 1:00 AM

COVID-19 has transformed the living room into the classroom for most students, and to help with this remote learning Park Side Credit Union has provided an online financial literacy course to students at 19 schools in the valley.

“We have always felt a responsibility to bring financial education to our schools and communities,” said Josh Kroll, vice president of marketing at Park Side.

To do this, the local credit union opted to take advantage of the recent switch to remote learning caused by the coronavirus outbreak. They partnered with software company Banzai to provide a free online financial literacy course to students in fourth through 12th grade.

Students who are already learning remotely can access Banzai with any internet-enabled computer or mobile device, and teachers are able to monitor student progress remotely. The program covers topics like paying bills, balancing a budget and handling unexpected expenses.

“We like to make banking fun, and so, obviously, does Banzai, so this is a perfect match,” Kroll said.

Students at Columbia Falls High School, who went through the program this year, said the course provided important insight into managing money.

“I learned how challenging it is to manage money when I need to save for something,” reported one student. “I found that I lived without many of the things I enjoy in order to fulfill my goal.”

Another said, “I think this game really helped me understand that life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to, but your goals are still possible.”

And as a service to the community, Park Side is also making the program available to credit union members and the general community through an initiative known as Banzai Direct, available at

“Park Side is really striving to give back to the community by providing these great resources,” Kroll noted.

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