Saturday, November 28, 2020

Intruder stops short of panty raid

| August 1, 2020 1:00 AM

The Kalispell Police Department received a call that someone tripped an alarm at a lingerie store. The intruder apparently left a note that said they walked in, saw the business was empty and left.

A woman on a property apparently seemed “confused” or “disoriented.” She yelled at some bushes, kicked a sign post and tried to climb on it, knocked on windows, talked to herself and flailed her hands around. She was reportedly “friendly” and the caller gave her some water.

A woman left her purse, her dog and some grocery bags near a restaurant. She quickly claimed the dog after it was impounded.

A woman called the police, saying she was being blocked in her driveway by construction workers’ vehicles. She said she talked to the truck owner and “he was unwilling to move the vehicle.” However, the woman eventually realized her driveway was not actually blocked.

A shopper noticed a “small Pomeranian dog” inside a truck with its windows “barely cracked” in a retail store parking lot. An officer measured the heat of the truck’s seat with a laser thermometer and determined the temperature was between 101 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. When the dog owners got back from their shopping spree, the officer warned them about the dangers of leaving a dog in a hot car.

A man on Foy’s Lake Road was apparently riding recklessly on a street bike without a helmet.

A woman found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she decided to leave him. He got upset and followed her around town, allegedly trying to punch her car window every time she stopped the vehicle.

A man wanted law enforcement to be aware his neighbors were driving with expired license plates because they were apparently “causing him issues.”

A woman was told to leave a park for the day after she was seen “yelling and flipping people off.”

Someone called the police two days in a row about a man selling flags.

A passerby saw a “young Native American woman” sitting on the side of a road and he thought this “looked suspicious” because “the woman didn’t look happy.”

A “small white fluffy-type dog,” apparently named “Fuzzy,” seemed to be lost when a Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation employee found the dog on a logging road. The dog was reunited with its owner at the animal shelter.

A driver towing a camper almost tipped the camper over while he was making a turn, and someone watching him thought his poor driving was a sign that he stole the camper.