Saturday, September 19, 2020

Woman with ‘boiling blood’ asks for shaman

| August 2, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman described as being “higher than a kite” was reportedly told to check out of a motel and leave, but hadn’t. The flighty woman allegedly called Kalispell Police Department and told them her “blood was boiling,” and she needed a shaman. She also wanted to get in touch with a tow truck that had her property. She also alleged she was abandoned and shouldn’t be alone because someone was “trying to take her life.” She wanted officers to help her leave the area, but then said she couldn’t trust local or Canadian law enforcement or U.S. Marshals and hung up.

A woman’s ex-boyfriend reportedly showed up in a white SUV, grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall. He allegedly slammed her brother against the concrete and the two began fighting. The man, who allegedly had been drinking all day, tried to follow her upstairs and the fight continued. Parties were separated, and the man, who was described as barefoot and shirtless, began running on Greatview Drive toward South Meadow Drive. He was taken to jail.

A man purportedly threatened to ram another man’s trailer because it was blocking his driveway. Police allegedly told the trailer owner to move it as it was in violation of city ordinances and could be towed. The other man was advised not to ram the trailer and call police instead to avoid conflict. Both parties agreed not to go on one another’s property or communicate with each other.

A property manager alleged a man “took a saw to a tree to kill it.” The property manager planned to follow up with the manager of the employee who cut down tree to seek funds for its replacement.

A heavyset man wearing a black tank top and shorts was allegedly refusing to leave a dining room area that was closed to customers. He then tried to get into the kitchen and reportedly assaulted an employee and damaged the property. The man was uncooperative with officers and may have had an non-extraditable warrant out of Washington for damaging property.

A woman in an orange SUV allegedly tried to cut someone off, flipped them off and then got out of the vehicle at a stop sign to scream at them.

A “huge van,” motor home and car with out-of-state license plates had supposedly been parked at a location for four weeks. Contact was made with the occupants who planned to move.

Two men were reportedly fighting and one of them was swinging a bottle at the other.

A co-worker allegedly spotted an ex-employee looking in the windows while they were working.