Saturday, September 19, 2020

‘Dock chairman’ not prepared for party time

| August 5, 2020 1:00 AM

The alleged “dock chairman” of Monaco Drive in Lakeside called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to report what he believed to be youths hanging around a dock area and that it “looked like party time or some damn thing,” and reportedly did not want to check on the revelers by himself due to his age and possibly one participant living in the area.

A friendly domestic pig with multi-colored splotches and painted nails was spotted near a pile of trash and reportedly began following someone’s car who called officers. The owner of the stylish swine was located.

Someone reportedly knocked four times on a door or window in front of someone’s house on Angel Point Road in Lakeside, but no one was there.

A Whitefish man called deputies and allegedly made up a story that intoxicated people showed up at a Kalispell house and said they were family of the resident, then pointed guns and punched him and another person and took his wallet, which supposedly contained $1,000. The Kalispell residents reportedly told officers the man and his girlfriend had been to the location twice, and both times were told to leave and apparently nothing reported actually happened.

A man reportedly wearing a dress over slacks stole makeup items from a store on U.S. 2 in Kalispell.

A man who was allegedly wearing a shirt, but no pants, was screaming “at the top of his lungs” on Cemetery Road. He reportedly stopped at a location and pulled up his shirt to show employees his nipple ring and was asked to leave because he was became verbally aggressive, so he headed toward U.S. 93 in Kalispell. He was taken to the hospital for a voluntary mental health evaluation.

A Welf Lane resident in Kalispell came home, where he reportedly heard a “bang” and discovered the source of the sound was a stranger knocking over his golf clubs. The resident told deputies he was holding a shotgun while the stranger, a shirtless man, sat on the floor. The resident alleged the man was not making sense, but didn’t seem intoxicated.

Someone on Montana 83 in Bigfork found a Glock 21 in a river near Swanlea Road that may have been stolen.

Three men were throwing punches on U.S. 2 in Kalispell and a man in a blue pickup reportedly was being choked.

A man on Sandy Lane in Bigfork called officers to report a domestic situation. A woman was heard in the background saying he was at the bar doing shots all day. The man, who was said to be slurring his words, reportedly confirmed he had been drinking all day and the woman said she slapped him “for the vulgar things he was saying.” Both didn’t want law enforcement to come to their house and the man called because he “just wanted to make a point.” The woman said she would lock herself in her room to separate from him.

A man allegedly threatened to kick someone’s (expletive) and beat them to death on Blanchard Lake Road Whitefish.

Someone on Electric Avenue in Bigfork was upset with dispatchers that someone couldn’t get there faster when a “very drunk” man driving a truck who repeatedly honked his horn, drove and stopped in the middle of the road.

A woman allegedly assaulted and grabbed another woman by the throat at a public access point “just past the spillway.” The physical altercation was reportedly over a raft.