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Class AA Speech and Debate: Flathead takes 2nd, Glacier 3rd at Kalispell Invitational

by Daily Inter Lake
| December 15, 2020 12:00 AM

Bozeman notched a solid first-place win at the Kalispell Speech and Debate Invitational Tournament Friday and Saturday, outdistancing the competition with a total of 237 points.

Flathead took second place with 143 points, followed by Glacier in third with 123.5.

"I’m very excited about the growth this team made in seven days,” Glacier Speech and Debate Head coach Greg Adkins said. “We won four events and closed out Oratory, MPA, and Dramatic Interp in an impressive fashion. Our next step is to become more balanced across the events, but I feel like we are trending in the right direction."

Adkins said Bozeman’s debate squads are “remarkably strong” this year.

“Flathead is proving to have better balance across the events, but I'm encouraged that our JV team scored 70 points,” Adkins said. “As those students learn and make adjustments, they will help our varsity team contend for championships."

Flathead Head Coach Shannon O'Donnell said the tournament experienced fewer technical issues than last weekend and went very smoothly.

"Glacier came on strong in the memorized events this weekend and maintained their dominance in Dramatic Interpretation," O'Donnell said. "Despite losing a few of last weekend's top performers to quarantine, the team rallied to a strong finish in LD and the short prep events, landing in second place."

Memorized Public Address

1.Aryana Allred, Glacier

2.Alexa Wilton, Glacier

3.Janasya Amaker, Glacier

4.Avram Bingham, Glacier

Original Oratory

1.Sydney Fletcher, Glacier

2.Mac Adkins, Glacier

3.Alexis Peck, Glacier

4.Braelynn Anderson, Flathead

6.Sayla McCulley, Flathead

7.Dresden Allred, Glacier

Informative Speaking

1.Neila Lyngholm, Flathead

2.Kenna Vanorny, Glacier

4.Colter Girardot, Flathead

8.Alexis Reiner, Glacier

Program Oral Interpretation

2.Isabella Shin, Flathead

4.Alexa Wilton, Glacier

Duo Interpretation

1.Isaac Lorenc and Jarrod Wutke, Glacier

3.Sophia Dykhuizen and Bauer Hollman, Flathead

7.Aiden Christy and Hannah Greene, Flathead

Humorous Interpretation

3.James Francis, Flathead

4.Adina Lockwood, Flathead

5.Bauer Hollman, Flathead

6.Davis Rennie, Glacier

7.Jasmine Anderson, Flathead

Dramatic Interpretation

1.Jarrod Wutke, Glacier

2.Jane Trina, Glacier

3.Kadence Johnson, Flathead

6.Ryan Tiet, Flathead

7.Kayanna Kapity, Glacier

8.Kaelin Holt, Glacier

Extemporaneous Speaking

1.Leah Spangler, Flathead

3.Scout McMahon, Flathead

5.Maayana Sattler, Flathead

8.Rachel Ottman, Flathead

Impromptu Speaking

2.Scout McMahon, Flathead

4.Leah Spangler, Flathead

7.Bella Teggeman, Glacier

8.Maayana Sattler, Flathead

Legislative Debate

3.Kelvin Dixon, Flathead

4.Annelise Mason, Flathead

5.Jake Keller, Glacier

8.Calvin Schmidt, Glacier

Public Forum Debate

3.Ryan Webster and Ethan Woods, Glacier

5.Garrett Hinzman and Kyler Knutson, Glacier

7.Joe Schlegel and Rory Smith, Glacier

Varsity Policy Debate

4.Braden Anderson and Evan Sevaly, Flathead

8.Maddie Johnson and Nicole Mitchell, Glacier

Novice Lincoln douglas Debate

6.Simon MacLean, Glacier

8.Blake Lindemann, Glacier

Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate

1.Eva Bruce, Flathead

7.Lizzie Sweeney, Glacier

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