Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Dog in Christmas sweater goes missing

| December 31, 2020 12:00 AM

A dog owner reported to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office a black and white shih tzu went missing while taking a walk on Christmas day in the Harry Horn Day Use at Wayfarers State Park. The pup was wearing a Christmas sweater but not a collar.

A store employee reported a shoplifter stole jerky and sandwiches for what may have been a somewhat meager Christmas dinner. The alleged thief got into a vehicle and drove away.

Someone called and said his daughter saw a pickup truck driving on a lot that is for sale.

A man said he wanted an intoxicated woman off his property after she began throwing things at him.

Someone sitting near a bridge caused concern for one caller. When an officer checked on the man, he said he was taking a walk when he decided to take a break.

When the neighbors were evicted, they left the cat behind. An animal control officer set a trap with the hopes of catching the feline, but the kitty refused to enter the trap. Food was added to the structure in the hope of enticing it inside.

Two horses and a goat took advantage of a broken fence to get out and take a walk down Reserve Drive.

Someone had a question about removing guns from the home due to a parolee moving in soon.

A candle fire produced some smoke, but nothing else as the residents breathed a sigh of relief.

A person dropped off a young, chocolate-colored mixed breed female dog to a veterinarian after it was found wandering. The dog was taken to the county shelter.

Someone saw two transients carrying a chain saw and thought the item may be stolen.

A woman was seen walking down the middle of U.S. 2 in Hungry Horse. She apparently had one too many to drink.

A neighbor was feeling a bit surly when the people across the street were sitting in the driveway playing music and talking loudly.