Thursday, January 21, 2021

California man won’t wear a mask

| July 18, 2020 1:00 AM

A California man told the Kalispell Police Department he was discriminated against by a restaurant since “he is allowed to access businesses without a mask in his home state.” He said this had not been an issue at other area restaurants, so the KPD dispatcher “encouraged him to exercise his freedom to eat at other Kalispell establishments.”

Someone reported a “dog hoarding issue” and an officer discovered 14 Pomeranians in the house. Their owner was apparently “extremely hesitant to give up any dogs” to comply with the city’s pet ordinance. She told the officer “she feels that [the city] should allow her to have more dogs than [the] ordinance states.”

Someone outside a big box store thought she saw a man “tossing [a] child around like a ragdoll” and punching a truck bed. An officer found the man in the parking lot and he explained he had been bouncing a toy off the truck bed to entertain the child. The officer determined the child “appeared to be a happy child.”

A man reported “people were harassing him” but he wouldn’t give any specific details.

A man allegedly stole a backpack full of tools from a large hardware store, and an employee said the thief “comes in two-to-three times a week” and steals a backpack full of tools every time.

At a different hardware store, a man became aggressive because he was required to wear a face mask. He apparently started screaming and using profanities, then “threatened to come back every day.”

Someone who lives near a park said he was having ongoing issues with people “drag racing” on his street and going into the park after hours.

A man who had previously suffered head trauma showed up at another man’s house and harassed him to go buy beer.

A dog stepped on a cellphone while its owner was driving through Kalispell and accidentally called 911.

A 13-year-old boy was kicked in the face and punched by his father’s girlfriend.

Someone called the KPD about people parking in the wrong direction near Legends Field.

A couple tried to steal gun-cleaning equipment and camping gear from a big box store.

A man hit a woman in the head when she tried to get him to leave her property for doing drugs. The man claimed “since he pays rent he should be able to do drugs there.”