Thursday, January 21, 2021

Shoplifter’s sushi theft thwarted

| July 21, 2020 1:00 AM

An alleged shoplifter possibly became hungry after stealing a bunch of makeup and tried to take sushi, however, an employee was able to get it back from her.

A 15-year-old allegedly called Kalispell Police Department to report his brother stealing from him and that he had done so in the past. Dispatchers heard the brother yelling in the background. The teen’s mother got on the phone to report the boys had been arguing all day and advised dispatchers she did not need assistance from police.

A man reportedly had an eviction notice for his ex and she had a bag of methamphetamine, which she threw at him when she showed up at the residence intoxicated. She then allegedly hit a car on Fifth Avenue.

A man at Woodland Park was allegedly screaming at people to “give him his money.”

A man was allegedly stumbling to his vehicle and acting drunk, so a neighbor approached him about being too drunk to drive and assisted him back to bed in his apartment. They wanted police to know they had to hop a fence to get to the man’s residence and opened his door in case the man didn’t know how he got into bed.

A manager called police twice about 10 to 15 children congregating, shooting off fireworks and playing tag in a store.

A woman in a Jeep allegedly stopped by a 14-year-old boy walking with his friend and “tried to get him in the vehicle.” A concerned parent wanted an officer to talk his son about safety options and how serious getting into the vehicle could have been. Officers spoke with parties involved.

Two transients were pushing a four-wheeler around Woodland Park and one of them ran into a bathroom when spotted.

A man in a ripped shirt came out of a house where a woman reportedly was heard screaming inside. The woman came outside, threw keys and then ran down Eighth Street West while the man chased after her. He allegedly attempted to push her back toward the house and she sat down in the street. He eventually walked back toward the house. Both parties told police it was a verbal argument only and the woman and a child would stay with a relative for the night to stay separated.

A man wearing big white boots and pulling a suitcase purportedly busted out the windows of a woman’s vehicle and grabbed a bag.

A man allegedly tried to get into a woman’s truck while she was sleeping at a Martin City campground. He tried to get in for 10 minutes and stepped away when she told him to, then he wound up passed out in a toilet two sites away from her. When he woke up, he claimed he got lost trying to find the bathroom. Flathead County Sheriff’s Office warned him not to go back to the campsite where the woman was staying.

Someone threw a brick through a glass door, shattering it, at a business on U.S. 2 in Kalispell.

Someone calling from a drive-thru line on U.S. 93 in Kalispell alleged a drunk elderly man driving a white truck rammed into their car and then drove off.