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Election mail bag July 26

| July 26, 2020 1:00 AM

It is critical that our lone representative in Congress be a voice for the voiceless and stand up for the most vulnerable in our society — especially the unborn.

Matt Rosendale has a long track record of being unabashedly pro-life. In the Montana Legislature, he was a vocal advocate for pro-life legislation, and stood for the rights of the unborn at each and every turn.

Because of his proven record standing for life, this week Matt received endorsements from the two leading pro-life groups in the country, the National Right to Life Committee and Susan B. Anthony List.

The difference between Matt and his Democrat opponent could not be more stark. Kathleen Williams is an abortion extremist. She supports unrestricted access to abortion up until the moment of birth. Her radical agenda of abortion-on-demand is deeply disturbing.

Extreme Kathleen has said that she wants to make Planned Parenthood “a permanent part of our healthcare system,” and in her last campaign even said she was “honored” to receive the support of an organization that advocates for abortion as a means of population control. That is just sick.

Given the clear contrast in records on life, the choice for Congress is clear. I am proud to support the only candidate in the race who stands for life and urge every Montanan who values life to join me in supporting Matt Rosendale for Congress.

—Kerry Paulson, Whitefish

The first step to representing Montanans well in government is understanding our state’s way of life. And it’s clear to me that nobody understands it better than Gov. Steve Bullock.

Our governor was born and raised here, so he learned right away how important it is to work hard and be there for your neighbors. He has not only held tight to those values throughout his career serving our state, he’s now instilling them in the next generation as he raises his family right here at home.

Governor Bullock has never forgotten where he came from, and he always shows up ready to listen and learn from the people he represents — even those who disagree with him. He’s willing to take on tough problems while others focus on shifting blame. That’s exactly the type of leader our state and country need right now.

When we send our governor to the Senate this November, we can count on him to keep standing up for our values and our Montana way of life — no matter the political consequences.

—Tati Culver, Whitefish