Thursday, January 21, 2021

Four horses of the apocalypse?

| May 12, 2020 1:00 AM

A homeowner told the Kalispell Police Department she heard screaming and went outside to find four full-sized horses apparently “attacking a pony.” The pony rescuer reported, “the four horses are chasing the pony and it just keeps screaming.” They were worried the pony would be killed if the clash wasn’t “broken up.” Law enforcement arrived and discovered the pony seemed fine and uninjured, and it was separated in a pen apart from the horses.

An intoxicated man was passed out in a vehicle in a parking lot, and when he woke up he was belligerent and claimed to be a “combat vet with PTSD.” He also said he had “lots of guns and ammo.” However, his wife, who picked him up, said he is not actually a veteran and she is the only one with access to the couple’s firearms.

A man sleeping outside of a casino was told to move along, and then he came in the building and “started screaming” at an employee. He then “kicked the door and left.”

A man with a “beanie and a neck tattoo” was apparently watching “a little girl play in a yard” before he realized people were on to him and he moved his vehicle.

A hotel employee wanted law enforcement to check on two people sitting in a “beat up” car behind the property for more than 10 minutes. One of the people was reportedly going back and forth between the car and the hotel, but it turned out “they weren’t doing anything wrong.”

A drunk driver of a “nice red sports car” apparently drove off the road and hit some rocks and bushes.

A woman told a panhandler to leave her property and he pushed her. She refused medical treatment and didn’t want to pursue a criminal investigation.

A man was seen “acting strange” with a blanket wrapped around him. Then he started running around, “whipping the blanket around” before lying down in an alley near a liquor store.

Kids in Kalispell apparently knocked over dumpsters and were vandalizing them. The suspects were counseled and the dumpsters were picked back up.

The manager of a motel said she saw a man stealing her bike when she went outside to smoke. Law enforcement officers subsequently spoke with a man on a bike nearby, but it wasn’t the bike the woman had described.

A property owner was worried a “transient” sleeping nearby might break into his property. He reported it looked like the sleeping man had put up a few boards to make a wall so he couldn’t be seen. The caller said someone had previously broken into his house and he didn’t “want someone in the area that might break into his home.”

The night auditor of a building saw a truck parked behind a closed building, and he suspected someone broke in and was staying there. However, law enforcement checked the building’s two rooms and they were both empty with “no signs of being occupied.”