Saturday, November 28, 2020

Drunk driver spinning out of control

| November 14, 2020 12:00 AM

A patron at a bar told the Kalispell Police Department an intoxicated woman yelled obscenities inside the establishment, then left and “did several 360s in the parking lot.” Then the inebriated woman drove into a ditch, but she was able to drive out of the ditch and get onto U.S. 2, headed into Kalispell.

Two hunting bows were stolen in early November.

A woman insisted on helping another woman spotted walking near the county fairgrounds with two dogs and two suitcases. When the first woman offered help, the second woman rejected her offer and told her she was headed to the post office. The first woman decided to call the police because she thought the other woman “might accept help if it’s from an officer.” However, the second woman responded she did not want help from law enforcement.

There was “electronic squealing” in the background of a 911 hang-up call, but an officer drove through the area and determined everything was fine.

Someone complained about a vehicle that blasts loud music, drives around a neighborhood and then parks again to continue playing the music. However, when a KPD officer drove through the neighborhood, he said everything was quiet.

A woman watched three vehicles slide on a slick road into a highway divider.

A store manager wanted four men to move along because he thought they were “scaring away customers.” He said the men had stopped into his business previously and they appeared to be high at the time. Then they came back, sat by the entrance and refused to leave until the KPD showed up.

A medium-sized black bear ate some garbage in the middle of a road. A neighbor said the bear had been frequenting the area for a few weeks.