Thursday, November 26, 2020

Dog-at-large held captive by woman

| November 18, 2020 12:00 AM

A woman on Adams Street in Lakeside allegedly contained a dog found at large in her vehicle and told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she was “not going to let it go this time,” claiming the owner had received a citation about the issue before and wanted Animal Control to respond. The dog owner, however, showed up and purportedly threatened her. She was advised to let the dog go and officers would respond for a statement. Begrudgingly, she turned over the dog and yelled at the owner.

Someone allegedly found about 10 sticks of dynamite in a shop on Witty Lane property in Columbia Falls. Dispatchers advised them not to touch it.

A Kalispell boy called deputies for help when he reportedly ran away from home because he was freezing after being out in the cold for five or six hours. The boy told deputies he tried to run away because he was having difficulty at school and was depressed. He was returned home and counseled on his actions.

Dispatchers called back a phone number after someone dialed 911 on U.S. 93 in Whitefish and a man and woman were heard shouting on the open line. The woman was allegedly heard talking to someone saying, “almost sliced my hand with that knife.” The man reportedly had a knife in his pocket and said he was going to get killed if the cops came. He was taken to jail.

A concerned man on Battle Hollow Avenue in Somers reportedly believed someone either tried to poach a deer or shoot his dog with a crossbow after finding an arrow in his yard. He requested extra patrol.

A Country Way resident in Kalispell was concerned about leaving her vehicle when she allegedly saw flashlights and people surrounding her house and told officers they eventually left, but believed they “couldn’t have gotten too far.” Officers only found animal animal tracks around her house.

Kids in Columbia Falls purportedly removed the cover to a manhole, went into it and left without putting the lid back as they found it.

A man allegedly passed five cars in a turning lane on Ridgewood Drive in Lakeside.