Thursday, November 26, 2020

Man goes ballistic when denied ride

| November 19, 2020 12:00 AM

A Columbia Falls Police Department officer was allegedly accosted by a man at a gas station who was under the impression law enforcement is a free taxi service. The man asked for a ride to the grocery store and when the officer told him they don’t give rides, particularly during the pandemic, he followed the officer out to the parking lot yelling and cursing. When the officer stopped him, he reportedly yelled “(expletive) the police,” and screamed for help because the officer was “going to shoot him.” He was warned about his disorderly behavior and told to leave the property.

A drunk man reportedly dropped weed on the floor of a Ninth Street store and refused to leave. Instead he was confrontational with someone who told deputies he was using “some pretty choice words.” The man eventually left.

A later call came in from someone on Ninth Street who allegedly almost hit an intoxicated man in the middle of the highway. Police made contact with the man who agreed to walk on the sidewalk — for now.

A man’s phone dialed 911 on Cedar Pointe Loop. He told dispatchers there was no emergency. He was reportedly just sitting in the hot tub and said when his phone gets a little moisture on it, it dials numbers and he doesn’t know why.

A man allegedly driving a truck recklessly on Hilltop Road slammed on his brakes and argued with a woman on the side of the road. When someone asked the man to move off the road he became aggressive and yelled.

Evergreen Junior High School reportedly called Flathead County Sheriff's Office and went into lockdown when a man dressed in all black was at the fence screaming and yelling. The man eventually left and may have been experiencing severe mental-health issues.

A truck and trailer was reportedly taking up 10 parking spaces on Evergreen Drive. The property owner was given a phone number if they wanted to have it towed.

A bank employee on Montana 35 in Bigfork requested officers check on the welfare of any occupants in a truck seen in the parking lot with blankets on the windows and camping gear in the back and then move it along.

A Whitefish mother requested deputies check on the welfare of her teenage son when he allegedly left with a woman they were living with because she wasn’t sure if he left willingly or not, and claimed the woman was a meth user.

Whitefish Police Department allegedly counseled a “political conspiracy theorist” on his behavior after he went into Central Avenue businesses playing something on his cellphone speaker and caused a scene when asked to leave.

A dog on the loose seemed to be having a heyday when it reportedly chased a deer into the river, swam downstream and ran back and forth across the roadway.