Thursday, October 29, 2020

Man with airsoft gun reported at park

| October 6, 2020 12:00 AM

A man wearing a striped shirt apparently brandished an Airsoft gun in front of the Kalispell Veterans Memorial. He was counseled by the Kalispell Police Department.

When a reckless driver was confronted by an officer, he “spontaneously” told the officer he had a container of marijuana in the side of the driver’s door. The driver claimed he had a “valid medical marijuana card,” but the card had actually expired in 2018. The man’s stash of marijuana and his bong, which was sitting out in plain view, were confiscated.

Someone apparently got into an abandoned house and “threw some things around,” but there was no property damage.

A man said that four women “taunted” a “pro-Trump flag vendor” and then followed the caller—who apparently had no connection to the flag seller—for eight blocks after they both left the location. The alleged pursuit vehicle eventually turned down a different road.

A shoplifter apparently managed to get away from law enforcement and business management when he ditched some stolen items in a parking lot and took off.

A parent who was locked out of their residence by a 2-year-old child said it wasn’t the first time the toddler had locked them out.

A couple apparently left a restaurant without paying their $21 bill, and then they said they wouldn’t come back to the restaurant because they didn’t have any gas. They eventually paid the bill with a credit card over the phone.

A woman called the police because a driver who was loading a lot of items back and forth between two vehicles reportedly drove past the caller twice and gave her “a dirty look.” The owners of the vehicles were expected to move on that day.