Thursday, October 29, 2020

Man collects rocks in his socks

| October 11, 2020 12:00 AM

A shirtless man wearing a hockey mask was allegedly walking around the back of a building and picking up rocks that he dropped into his socks. He was also messing with a water hose and was last seen in the area of Woodland Park Drive. He told the Kalispell Police Department he was “heading back to his camp.”

The grass was greener on the other side for a “pretty friendly” pink pig on the loose that was seen eating grass on U.S. 2 West.

A woman reportedly spotted a slender man wearing a navy robe, and what looked like a shower cap, standing in the alleyway behind her home. The man, who seemed out of place, appeared to be looking at all the houses and then started walking on Stratford Drive.

Neighbors reportedly found loaded needles while cleaning up a transient camp off an alleyway behind part of a slough. They wanted officers to pick them up.

A man on Sunnyview Lane accidentally called 911 while trying to dial into a conference call.

A bag full of a white substance, a heroin needle and spoon was found by someone.

After hearing a scream, seeing a bicycle under a car and children walking away, someone reportedly thought a child had been hit by the car.

A store manager wanted officers to check on the welfare of a man who allegedly had been sitting in a disabled store scooter for five hours while waiting for a ride on West Idaho Street.

A man and a woman were heard screaming in an apartment. The woman then went outside, crying. Apparently the man was “having an emotional moment” and called a friend.

A man allegedly grabbed a woman, shoving her, and then started yelling at an employee on East Idaho Street.

Garbage had reportedly been accumulating around a truck parked in a driveway for months.

A woman seen buckled up in the driver’s seat of a car parked at a casino was allegedly passed out, “totally out of it and not coherent. They asked officers to check on her welfare. Someone thought she was on drugs although none were visible.

A skinny man reportedly walked by a dog that was tied up and swung at it, trying to agitate it, on East Idaho Street.

A man was allegedly walking around a parking lot, talking to himself and “making customers not happy.” A store employee told officers he was last seen heading toward the garbage bin enclosure.