Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Bears find pre-hibernation meals in C-Falls

| October 17, 2020 12:00 AM

A woman told the Columbia Falls Police Department there was a grizzly bear in their garbage. A Fish and Game officer secured one bear in a trap and another trap was set. The caller said it was the biggest bear she had seen. Several other bears were also reported for their trash raiding.

A man told police he had bumped his phone, making it call 911 by accident. The man said he was fine.

Someone said he was talking to his teenage daughter when his ex grabbed the phone and hung up on him. He said she took the kids out of school and refused to let him see the children. He received advice on the situation.

Inappropriate photos were texted to boys at school. When an officer viewed them, the ID of the female was not known because her face was obscured. It was unknown where the photos came from and what number they came from.

A man called and was very upset because a scammer called him and he gave his personal information.

Someone stopped at the department to drop off expired medications. An officer took them for disposal when they wouldn’t fit in the container.

A dog walker spotted an unoccupied, but running vehicle in the soccer field track. An officer determined the vehicle had two “snugglers" in the back seat. They were moved along.

A woman called because she was upset with kids smoking in her backyard. When she told them to leave, they made profane comments to her. More patrols for the area were ordered.

An 8-year-old playing with his mother’s phone resulted in a 911 call. Fortunately, all was well.

A man was advised of park rules.

A newcomer to the area lost her credit card. She reported it and was advised to report it missing to her company in case someone tries to use it.