Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Man scared of 'Scandinavian' writing

| September 1, 2020 1:00 AM

A man with a very complicated story told the Kalispell Police Department was trying to “clear his name” for a crime he hadn’t committed 20 years earlier. He also said a friend had threatened to shoot him, even though he never saw a gun. When he woke up the morning after the alleged threat had been made, he said he saw blood on the walls of his garage in “Scandinavian” writing. He was involuntarily committed to an institution for mental health.

A woman said she had loaned her car to a friend in the past, and then the friend took the vehicle without permission and returned it with damage.

A man was spotted slumped in a grocery store parking lot with perishables nearby, and a person who observed him said he didn’t “look good.”

Three kittens were seen wandering around an ice skating rink. They apparently “looked fairly healthy.”

Someone’s missing wallet was returned to him with cash missing from it.

A man in a Green Nissan Pathfinder was apparently stalking a woman on the night before she moved out of state.

A woman with a bow in her hair reportedly jumped in front of a vehicle and she was warned to stay out of traffic.

A manager of a business wanted some juveniles in the area to leave the location, but he told a KPD dispatcher he hadn’t actually asked the young troublemakers to leave. Once they were asked, they packed up their belongings and moved along.

A man with a nearly-empty vodka bottle in his hand was seen foaming at the mouth in a park. The incident appeared to be alcohol-related, and even though medical personnel weren’t able to ask him about potential COVID-19 exposure, they still took care of him, according to a report from KPD.

A 16-year-old called the police on another 16-year-old because the teenagers were apparently “ex-best friends” and one of them broke into the other’s room and “trashed” the place.

A man was seen slumped over some casino machines, even though he hadn’t been drinking.

A man on his porch saw some young people playing “ding dong ditch” so he “screamed at the group to knock it off.” Since his screaming apparently didn’t do the trick, he called the KPD to ask them to tell the group of pranksters to again “knock it off.”

A separate group of juveniles was overheard banging on cars.