Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Woman appalled by the word ‘rump’

| September 2, 2020 12:00 AM

A woman driving on U.S. 93 in Whitefish claimed a political sign posted on hay bales had been defaced to read “Rump,” instead of “Trump,” and believed it was “obscene.” She was upset that she had to explain what the word meant to her children. Dispatchers asked if the “T” might have fallen off, but she was adamant it was done on purpose. When Flathead County Sheriff’s Office went by the location, the “T” was there and there was no evidence a crime had been committed.

Six people were reportedly involved in a melee on Central Avenue in Martin City where at least two of the people were said to have knives. The fight resulted in one man on the ground with a head wound.

A man in a truck allegedly pulled into a parking lot off U.S. 2 in Kalispell and almost hit a building. The man started banging on the door of the business, saying he locked his keys in the truck. The employee inside thought he might be intoxicated and felt unsafe letting him in. The man eventually found a ride.

Three to four young men wearing hoodies reportedly went inside a Rock Drive resident’s fenced backyard in Kalispell and approached a teen’s window saying they were “looking for someone named Daisy.” The teen woke up her mother who scared off the strangers and called officers for extra patrol.

A woman calling from Three Mile Drive was suspicious of a man wearing a hoodie outside her house, claiming he was watching the residence and checking mailboxes.

The man with a pink suitcase has once again been sighted in Kalispell. This time he was described as wearing a trenchcoat and reportedly screaming obscenities on U.S. 2.

Three teens allegedly flipped off a vehicle and were ripping up a notebook and throwing papers around on River Road in Columbia Falls. Officers made contact with the youths who denied the allegations, but were counseled anyway.

A man on U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls reportedly threw a rock at a woman, who moved, and it hit a vehicle window, shattering it.

An intoxicated man allegedly jumped out of a moving vehicle, hit his head and started walking around Belton Stage Road.

A man allegedly pointed a handgun at a woman on Scenic Drive when she confronted him about being told not to come around her friend’s house.