Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Woman reports strange happenings

| September 4, 2020 12:00 AM

A woman told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she felt like “strange things have been happening to her.” First, she reported a man who said he was with the Census Bureau knocked on her door. Then, when she was driving through a gravel pit, she heard a loud bang and her vehicle’s windshield sustained some damage. She wanted this bizarre series of events documented.

A customer asked to speak to a manager and, according to an employee, started acting “creepy” while he was waiting.

A woman with a hammer was allegedly “screaming and yelling, throwing things [and] making threats to people.” However, officers checked out the situation and everything was apparently quiet at the location.

Two men apparently saw a man in Bigfork hit a woman in the face and then drive off. The witnesses apparently refused to give any “other useful information.”

A car with Washington plates was spotted parked in the middle of a road. The driver said he was rather slowly making his way to the airport.

An electrical box fire caused a lot of smoke to fill a Kalispell house, but the fire itself was quickly knocked down and crews mopped it up.

Two cats caught in a trap were taken to the Flathead County Animal Shelter.

A driver decided to follow a truck for a while after it took a turn very fast, hit some cones and the driver could be overheard “cursing at people.”

It was unclear if a person might have been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms when they were overheard “walking, then coughing” on an abandoned 911 call. A dispatcher checked the caller’s previous call record with the FCSO and determined their other calls didn’t “appear to be concerning.”

Someone saw a vehicle “nose down in a ditch” and thought there was an emergency, but it turned out the car had been there for a while.

A mother said she was “concerned about sex trafficking.” She explained her teenaged children were “on the internet and talking to strangers,” and she wanted to talk to a deputy about the situation.

A man set off a residential alarm when he didn’t have the correct passcode. He said he was a bug sprayer, and it turned out he did have a valid work order.

A “disgruntled” neighbor was apparently upset about a right-of-way issue and she threw a rock at a man’s truck on the day she was supposed to show up in court with him. The man said he was going through the eviction process to remove her.