Thursday, May 06, 2021

Law roundup: Bar removal ends up in fisticuffs

| April 20, 2021 12:00 AM

A fight took place in a bar parking lot after a father and son were reportedly kicked out for refusing to leave. Two bouncers got hit in the face during the altercation but refused medical attention, according to a Kalispell Police Department report.

A man reportedly parked his vehicle over the white line in a parking space, which was dinged by another vehicle pulling in. The man told officers he tried to talk to the other driver about the damage, but he kept hitting his door and there were two dents.

A balding man wearing a yellow and black backpack reportedly tried to follow a tenant inside a location and when the site manager told him to stop he got in their face and pushed them and left on a bike.

An intoxicated youth allegedly attacked security and was detained in cuffs.

A short man carrying a bunch of stuff was reportedly running around looking through windows of houses and cars and said “bizarre stuff” to someone who called the police. The caller said he also called their dog and was worried he was going to break into a vehicle.

A car alarm was allegedly going off sporadically and irritating someone who thought people were living in the beat-up-looking red pickup truck. The person thought someone was living in the truck that had been parked at a location for a week.

A later call came in regarding a car alarm going off all times of the day and night on a red car parked by someone’s house who believed the solution was for officers to tell the owners to unhook the battery.

Someone’s “very drunk” roommate allegedly hit their stepson with his hand.

Someone’s ex-boyfriend allegedly tried to kick the door open and they wanted officers to advise him not to return to the house. Officers were cautioned he might be carrying a gun. Officers made contact with the man and counseled the resident on the temporary restraining order process.

A woman reportedly sounded like she was “on something” when she kept talking over dispatchers and not answering their questions after saying a wallet was stolen out of a backpack by people who left in a green SUV.

A blue vehicle was allegedly sitting in a high school parking lot and a man said he saw at least four vehicles stop by the car and that “drops” were going on and thought it should be checked on.

Two intoxicated men sitting in a parked white SUV at a hotel were purportedly threatening people who walked by and trying to start fights.