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Law roundup: Sleepy intruder lies down for nap

| August 10, 2021 12:00 AM

A man threw cinder blocks through the doors of a business, then curled up into the fetal position inside the doors until the Kalispell Police Department arrived.

A man on a 911 call said “hey” and then disconnected. On a call back, he could be heard mumbling before he disconnected again. Finally, the dispatcher was able to communicate with him in Spanish, and he said everything was fine.

The owner of a yellow bus deposited the vehicle on a property. A week later, he told the property owner he wouldn’t be returning for the bus.

A man complained that his ex-wife wasn’t following their parenting plan. He said he saw her sitting in a parked truck, and he was allegedly worried the woman might “cause issues.” However, he soon realized he was “mistaken,” and the woman he had been watching wasn’t actually his ex-wife.

A caller accidentally made a request the KPD couldn’t fulfill when she was overheard debating whether to order a small or a large menu item on the law enforcement agency’s emergency phone line.

A homeowner on Three Mile Drive said an officer investigated some bushes near his property for “evidence of a crime.” A few days later, the homeowner said a bike appeared in the same area. He asked an officer to check the area again, but he said he didn’t expect a response while it was raining.

Some eager drive-thru customers ran into the vehicle in front of them in a fast food line.

In an eventful, seemingly accidental call to the KPD, a dispatcher overheard “breathing..., shuffling,... a baby cooing [and] piano lullaby music.”

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