Friday, December 03, 2021

Law roundup: Boyfriend busted for using dating app

| August 13, 2021 12:00 AM

A man called the Columbia Falls Police Department to ask for advice after his potentially soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend found out he was using a dating site. She allegedly left the man a note to make him aware she knew he was “buying coins” for the site.

A bully didn’t come off quite as menacing as he might have hoped when he wrote threats in chalk on the sidewalk outside a house. Allegedly, the chalk art gave instructions such as “fight me.”

A dispute with a contractor set off alarm bells at an office. The contractor charged with installing the alarm allegedly returned after hours and removed it, leaving a note indicating he hadn’t been paid.

Some temporary dwellers were reported for staying in someone’s garage. Apparently, a third party was worried about the property owner being taken advantage of by the visitors, but he told the police he had “no complaints.”

A mother in her 70s drove from Washington to Columbia Falls to collect her daughter’s dog. However, her daughter refused to give her the dog, so the mother pounded on the daughter’s door until the police advised the attempted dog-napper to leave.

Two restraining orders were filed against a woman, and she said she was confused why she received “another one” just a week after the first.

A failed fire-spotter told the police they could smell smoke, but they said they were “unable to locate anything.”

A man wearing white boxers laid down in a person’s driveway on Sixth Street. The homeowner said the prone man appeared to be talking to himself. He also said he had seen the man before, but he didn’t feel comfortable going outside to confront the scantily clad visitor.